Dressing up Dollar Store pumpkins

How to Dress up Dollar Store Pumpkins

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I love The Dollar Store!
There are so many great finds and for only a dollar, you can take some risks.

One of my favorite seasonal items to buy are the Dollar Tree pumpkins.
Each year, I try to come up with something new to do with them.

I've used twine and wrapped the twine around the pumpkins using glue to secure them. 

The year before that I made silver glittered pumpkins
This year, I wanted to try my hand at painting and glazing the pumpkins.
I used Martha Stewart paints and hand painted a few pumpkins blue,

and I spray painted a few pumpkins silver and white.

I felt like after the paint, the pumpkins were lacking just a little dimension, so I used some dark wax to give them a little umph.
**As a side note, I hate the line in the middle of the dollar store pumpkins.**
I attempted to get rid of them so I sanded them down.
It pulled the outer coating away and the paint doesn't adhere to the foam underneath.
I learned the lesson for you!

I ended up putting ribbon around the middle to make the seam look better.
I also used ribbon stacked as a stem.

There are so many possibilities for your dollar store pumpkins.
Glazing, painting and adding ribbons are just a few of them.

How do you dress up your faux pumpkins?

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