Cloth measuring tape bracelet tutorial

At the beginning of the summer I passed up this ah-mazing 
vintage cloth measuring tape at a garage sale.
The lady was only selling it as part of a notions set and I didn't want to pay $10 for it.


Since I passed it up the measuring tape, I have regretted it for months!
I have wanted to make a cloth measuring tape bracelet for over a year, so I was looking for a vintage one.
Ugh, can't believe I passed it up!

I want to show you how I made this measuring tape bracelet.

When I saw this ruler ribbon at Hobby Lobby, I thought it was the next best thing to the vintage one.
I picked up cupchain ends, toggle clasps and {not shown} jump rings.

I started by cutting a piece of the ribbon just slightly smaller than my wrist.

I folded the ends to a point

and placed the cupchain end on it securing it in place with the prongs.

I did this on both ends finishing off the bracelet.

I added the jump ring to the end of the cupchain and then put the toggle on.
Easy as pie!

It's not the vintage measuring tape bracelet that I was drooling over,
but I think it's a great substitute!

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