Wardrobe basics for the modern woman

I want to welcome Glitter in the Grey today as part of Holy Craft's small guest blogger series.
I love having the opportunity to introduce my readers to some of the "smaller" blogs that are just now getting started.  But believe me, they will be big one day, and you will be the first on the bus!

If you are a small blogger {with less than 500 followers}
and want an opportunity to be featured, please e-mail me at rachelteodoro@yahoo.com

Props to Rachel for reaching out and helping newbie and small-time bloggers! My name is Morgann, I'm a {native} Seattle-area style blogger and have been at it for six months. I've worked in the fashion industry from retail to wholesale to brand management pretty much my entire life and it's thrilling to be able to get paid for my passion (I currently rep CAbi & have a closet audit business). The focus of my blog, Glitter In The Grey, is to highlight casual chic looks for the modern woman (and do it on a budget). 
This modern woman is generally 30-60, has kids (or doesn't), and has an interest in her personal style. She probably dresses pretty casual but wants to look great, and often times is so busy caring for her career or others in her life, she ends up last on the list. My goal is to change all that, to help you 'Rock what you've got', and look great in order to feel great. It's not hard, it just takes a little practice on hair/makeup/wardrobe basics. Today I'm going to talk about wardrobe basics. You can find lists of 'must-haves' you need to have in your closet just about everywhere. Fashion mags, TV segments, bloggers, Pinterest, pretty much everyone has a list. I tend not to agree with everyone else...and not surprisingly, you probably don't either. I think depending on where you are in your career, life, locale, etc...the must-have list will vary greatly. It's fall, so this list is more specific to cooler weather, but most of these items can work year round, especially if you have an office environment.
Knit blazer – Something soft and comfy that feels like a sweatshirt or sweater but looks polished like a blazer. In a neutral color (black and charcoal are easy choices) that will work year round and match everything.
Heavy weight black leggings - (CAbi makes the best ones) to layer under tunics and dresses.
Skinny jeans – (dark washes are most flattering and work year round) Find a pair with stretch so they’re not uncomfortable and not too tight so you don’t feel like you have to wear a long top with them every time.
Short sleeve drapey tees - Whatever colors float your boat. I favor black, white, greys, and stripes. They’re so easy to layer with jackets or sweaters, partially tuck into jeans or pants, tuck all the way into pencil skirts, or wear loose over leggings or skinnies.
Knit fit & flare dress – I have a black one from Target (as seen above, which set me back $29) that is incredible. You can layer shirts, sweaters, blazers over the top, leggings underneath; it’s a workhorse item that can be worn 10 different ways. It's also important to mention that this type of dress isn't "dressy". It can be, but why not wear a dress from day to day? Paired back to more casual jewelry and shoes, it looks perfectly natural.
Speaking of jewelry - Statement jewelry – I like bold necklaces as they dress up any outfit. Big earrings work as well, as does an armload of bangles.
- Booties – Probably my #1 item this time of year. They look fabulous with leggings, any type of jeans, as well as with skirts and casual dresses. Black, or beige-neutral are my faves. You can get flat ones, ones with a stacked 2″ heel, even high heels!
- A great coat – Face it, even if you're on a budget, spending more on this item is recommended. We wear them 8 months out of the year, and oftentimes they completely cover up our outfits. Make this your statement. It’s a great way to add a pop of color or interest to your closet since a lot of what we wear in the NW is pretty neutral. J.Crew makes amazing winter coats that look just as great with a cocktail dress as they do with skinny jeans at your kid’s soccer game (unless the weather is like it was this past weekend...blech!). Then it's North Face all the way.
Do you feel inspired? The main part of my closet audit business is to help women "Shop their closets". After editing what they don't need any longer, I try to help them pick out new combos based on what they have already, and usually give them a small list of what they need to purchase. Do you have any of the above items? Inspired to buy any of them? I'd love to hear what you think (or what are your must-haves??) Please comment!
I'm doing a sister post to this one on Glitter in the Grey today with links to shop in all categories, plus my tips on chic (& cheap!) accessories to spice up your look. Thank you so much Rachel for having me today.  Keeping Seattle chic,  xo Morgann
Oh my goodness!  So many great suggestions!
I actually have a lot of those items in my closet already
and am inspired to create some new looks with them.
Thanks for dropping in Morgann!
Please take some time to go visit Glitter in the Grey and follow along.
You won't be disappointed!

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