December printable memory verse

On Friday my daughter goes in for oral surgery.
She is quite anxious about it, which is why I decided on this memory verse for December.

Perhaps you are anxious or concerned about something?
This verse is always a great reminder.

As always, these are free memory verses for your personal use only.
Right click on the image, save it and print it.

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srpprcrftr said...

Sure hope all goes very well for your daughter her surgery will make better why she's having it.
Can't blame her for being anxious. Anything to do with my mouth I am very anxious about, have hard time just getting a tooth pulled.
Few years ago I could have really benefited from this saying. I was having my 2nd. knee replacement and was quite anxious. Knew what I had in front of me. As it turned out my leg blew up like balloon, had toxemia and could have gotten infection in the knee. I have lymphedema in that leg and it sure raised it's ugly head, caused more pain and more doctor visits. Had to have treatment for lymphedema after knee healed. At least after several years of swelling in leg and foot I knew what was causing it. My physical therapist recognized it.
I almost chickened out and canceled on that surgery but knew I had to get it over with, the pain was awful, knee would lock up and couldn't get it out for while, had to force it as bone was against bone. Not fun time. Was an uncomfortable Christmas, went in on Dec. 14th. came home on 19th. Had done all I could to get house ready before as I knew I couldn't do things afterwards.
Will be praying for your daughter that her surgery goes well. Glad you shared this saying. Happy season

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