Easy chalkboard art tutorial

Several years ago I posted a tutorial for easy to make chalkboard art. It was my first ever {and only!} time I have been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit.  Thankfully, we were able to work things out, but that meant that I had to take my tutorial down.  I have been meaning to re do the tutorial and post it again, because it's a technique that I use often, but the days turned to weeks and those weeks turned to years, but holla!  I'm finally getting around to getting a new improved tutorial up for you!

And I'm using images that you can find as free printables on-line so there is no copyright issue we should run into!

If you scratch your head and wonder how people make such awesome chalkboard art, this is how non artists do it!  And you can do it too!

You will start with a chalkboard {I love these unfinished wood ones that are super cheap at your local craft store and can be painted any color}, some chalk, an image that you love {just not one that is copyrighted! I used this one}, and a chalk ink pen {but take note, that chalk ink is permanent}.

Flip your image over and chalk the entire image that you want to recreate. Go heavy on the chalk here!

Flip your image back over and carefully line it up on your chalkboard where you want your chalked image to be. My image was really large for my small chalkboard, so I planned to only make three of the arrows.

Take a very sharp pencil and draw over the image you want transferred.

One you take your paper off of your chalkboard, you will be left with the image on your chalkboard.

The final step is to take your chalk ink pen and trace over the lines that you made on your chalkboard. I've also used white sharpie.  You could use a sharp piece of chalk to make your image removable.

Take a wet paper towel and carefully wipe clean the excess chalk that is around your image.

That's it!

I've created art like this...

 and like this...

I've also made art on a larger scale as well {think 16x20}.  You will simply print your image on multiple pieces of paper {in sections} and tape them together to make one image.
Give it a try!  It's a super fun way to knock off all that chalkboard art you have been seeing around town!

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