Garage sale finds Friday-the week in which I buy large things Edition 69

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday.  Where I share with you some of my favorite garage sale finds.  You may have noticed that we skipped last weeks fun.  Vacations {missed two weekends while we were in Hawaii}  and holidays {darn 4th of July falling on a Saturday!} will do that to you! But we are back at it.  I super duper missed garage sales and was having sweats and shakes that made me think I was probably having withdrawal symptoms! 

This week I purchased all the large things. Seriously, like every large thing I could find, I bought. I didn't try to, it just happened.  You won't believe the deals I got! 

I love finding vintage items and totally scored while I was out shopping this week. Isn't this twin bed frame the most adorable thing you have seen?

It's got amazing detail.  I had to do a double take when I saw the price tag.  It was $2. For this whole thing. You can't even buy fire wood cheaper! Not that I'm lighting it on fire or anything but seriously, for solid wood furniture... $2. Can you even?

I was intrigued when I saw this large wicker basket.  And by large I mean, 48" long large. I wasn't quite sure what it was for, but some ideas started spinning around my brain.

Wouldn't it make a great laundry basket?  Or even a storage bin for the garage.  Or maybe a backpack holder for the kids...It was only $2.  Gee...$2, seemed like the price of the day didn't it?

I try not to buy large items.  Honest I do.  Mostly because my husband hates it when I buy them because they end up taking up room in the garage until I figure out what to do with them.  But when I see great deals, especially on dressers, I can't pass them up.

I know very little about furniture brands.  I'm not a collector, but I saw this dresser and knew it was quality. I had never heard of the Amodec brand, but I really liked the lines of it. When the sellers told me the dresser was $20, I said sold!

Turns out this dresser is a rare collectors item for those who love art deco pieces. It's designed by Donald Deskey who won the 1932 contest to design the interior of New York City's Radio City Music Hall. It is valued in the thousands of dollars. I have the dresser listed on craigslist.  I will let you know if I make bank on it!
While we are talking about dressers, I knew when I pulled up to the curb that this was an Ethan Allen piece.  There are a few things in life you can't do.  You can't shop at Joann's without a coupon and you can't pass up an Ethan Allen dresser that is priced at only $10! 

I told you I bought all the large things. My garage is full and my husband is getting antsy to get it empty.  But honest, I couldn't pass up a single one of these items because they were all such great deals were they not?  You are on my side aren't you?  Please tell me you wouldn't have passed on a single one of these things.

I did take one of the items and transformed it for transformation Tuesday.  Think I painted the rare dresser designed by swanky designer man?  You will have to come back on Tuesday and see!

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