Transformation Tuesday

Welcome back to transformation Tuesday!  It's becoming one of my favorite new series on the blog.

I share with you on Friday my favorite garage sale finds, and then on Tuesday, I follow up with a transformation from the previous week. 

This past week, I bought all the large things.  I bought a rare art deco dresser for $20 that ended up being worth thousands, Ethan Allen pieces and some other large awesome goodies. Any idea what the transformation item will be this week?  

Think I painted some furniture? I did!  Bet you can't guess which item I painted.

I love painted furniture, but even I know that I shouldn't paint over a rare mint condition piece!  If you guessed that I painted the large wicker basket then you would be correct!  

Just to refresh your memory, I bought this sucker for only $2. It was brand new and in great shape. The seller was at a loss of what to do with it, and I had endless possibilities running through my mind.  

While I was out garage saleing, I found these three, new in the package chalkboard signs for $1. I knew they would work great with the laundry basket I was envisioning this wicker basket becoming. 

Painting wicker isn't the easiest thing you can paint. Actually, it's probably the hardest.  Thankfully, there is spray paint! I used Rustoleum because that stuff can cover up any surface and it doesn't drip or run!

I labeled each sign and tied them on.

I could have just as easily written 1, 2, and 3 for each child too.

I just love how this wicker basket transformed into the perfect laundry basket for our laundry room.

I just love transformations don't you? Any other suggestions for uses for this three compartment basket?  What would you have written on the signs?

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