Handmade cards made from something {free} you would never expect!

Do you ever see something and inspiration just strikes? That happened to me earlier this week on a coffee date with my littlest guy. We were literally standing in Starbucks and I immediately wanted to get home to start crafting.

I whipped up these handmade cards in a matter of minutes.  You wouldn't believe the {free} thing that inspired me to make them.

Just sitting there at the pick up window at Starbucks were these beautiful cards full of information about the different countries and blends of coffee that Starbucks is now offering.  But I couldn't quite see past the amazing design.

These bad boys are printed on heavy card stock and have these amazing gold foil detail on every single one. I sort of looked around questioning if these were really free, because quite honestly it felt like manna from the craft gods.

So I did what anyone would do and collected a few of each one. I ended up getting about a dozen cards because crafting, that's what.

I found matching scrapbook paper that I had in my paper closet and picked up this set of ivory cards and envelopes from Joann's {50% off!}.

The inside of each of these free cards is just begging to be cut out so that you can make your own statement.  So I did just that. I used my exacto knife thingie {I have no idea what they are called but I love them!} and carefully cut around the white advertisement space.

This is the point where I wish I had a Minc {if you don't know what it is, seriously check one out!} 
but I don't and really if I bought one just for this project it would sort of defeat the point of free cards dontchathink.

Anyway, I unearthed my stamps and my gold embossing powder and used the coordinating plain paper to fill the space I just cut out.

I love the end result and for nearly next to free, I have a set of 12 note cards I can use for just about any occasion.

Thank you Starbucks!
Keep your eyes peeled at your local Starbucks for these cards.  Then go and make something. I'm sure inspiration will strike you too when you see them!

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