Back To School First Day Chalkboard With Free Cut File

Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves the Target One Spot. It's always the first place that I look when I stop into the store, even if I'm in a hurry, I always make time to take a look around because you never know what you might be missing. I found this really cool chalkboard that was made with what looked like rulers framing it in. I knew exactly what I would make with it. 

My kids all started school pre-Pinterest. While not all bad, there have been some things shared on Pinterest that I would have liked to use to document my children's childhoods. I always loved the seeing the first day signs with my friends kids full of information about the year. Information that you don't always remember as years pass. So, while this isn't necessarily an idea that my kids will use {my youngest is heading to middle school with multiple teachers}, it would be the perfect use for a One Spot frame so that you could document those pre-school and elementary years. I'm excited to share the file with you so that you can make one of your own!

You will need:

Chalkboard from the Target One Spot {or similar

I used my Silhouette Studio software to design the various rectangles, arrows, circles and of course the font. 

You can create your own, or you can use my file. You can download it here
This file is for personal use only.

I cut the dry erase vinyl out with my Silhouette {for more tips on how to cut vinyl, see this post}. I used dry erase vinyl because I wanted to be able to write on it and use it over and over again. Then, adhere your vinyl to the chalkboard and that's it! It's such a simple project!

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Fill in all of the necessary information with your dry erase pen and your kids are ready for their first day of school pictures!

parenting, first day of school, silhouette, free cut file

Do you have any special first day of school traditions? I would love to hear them! Leave me a comment and let me know what special things you do to celebrate the first day of a new school year.
traditions, kids, parenting, free cut file

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Kim - said...

So adorable! I'm the mom printing off the free printable on the first day of school, at which point my kid is crumpling it up into a ball and all I see in the picture is "First D-". This is a MUCH better idea!

Unknown said...

What a great idea!!

Unknown said...

Love this, thank you for sharing!

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