Easy to Make Leather Key Chain

Several weeks ago, I found a woman at a garage sale who was selling a big bag of leather pieces. I didn't really have a project in mind, but I also had a hard time passing up the bag of leather scraps because I knew that I would regret it. It didn't take long for project ideas to start popping into my head, like this one. In under 10 minutes I whipped up these personalized leather key chains and I want to show you how you can easily make your own, even if you don't find a garage sale with scrap leather at it!

I ended up sending some of my leather scraps to my partner for the recent thrift store challenge but I kept a few to play with too. I've seen small pieces of leather at craft stores or there is this leather. 

I used my sharp rotary cutter and a straight edge {like this} to help me cut a large rectangle that was an inch wide and a smaller rectangle that was 1/2" wide. Both were six inches long.

I used two different key chain clips. I like the lobster claw clasps for my small purse so that I can clip my keys to the outside but I also get the benefit of having a traditional key chain ring clip on there too.

I found this leather rivet setter kit at my local craft store, but you can order it here too. If you have never used rivet's don't be intimidated! They are so easy to use. I actually used a sharp box cuter to make a hole on both sides so that the rivet would go through easier. Then I used a hammer and the rivets were set.

I used my stamping kit to create my initials on one of the key chains. It was far easier than I thought that it would be.
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I think that these would make great gifts for just about any one in your life, so tuck this one away for Father's Day next year, or for Christmas or for those birthdays. You could even make one just because.

handmade leather keychain
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