Magnolia Market- Is it Worth a Special Visit? 5 Things You Should Consider

I just returned from Waco, Texas and if you are a Fixer Upper fan, you know all about a little store called Magnolia Market. It's actually not all that little, it's really more of a compound. Most locals know The Silos quite well. It's hard to miss them. They are this huge structure smack in the middle of the city.  In the past year, they have been breathed new life into them by Chip and Joanna Gaines and as a fan, we all know that everything that this couple touches turns to gold. The Magnolia Market and now adjoining Magnolia bakery {still super confused on what the name of this bakery is...could be Silos Baking Co. could be Magnolia Flour, not really sure.} both located on the Silos property are no exception. But if you aren't going to Waco to visit your Baylor student like I am, is it worth making a special visit to the Silos? You might be surprised by my answer.

Last year, a contest was started called #milestomagnolia. Magnolia recognized that there were people making special plans to visit Waco just because of Magnolia Market and Silos and it's become a must-see travel destination for Fixer Upper's biggest fans. 
You can even stand underneath the metal #milestomagnolia sign on the grounds and snap your picture. In the most genius marketing move ever, you can add your hashtag and picture to your social media account along with all the countless others. 
In case you were wondering, it's 2,140 #milestomagnolia for me, but I have a different reason for visiting. My son is currently a freshman at Baylor University and I must say that while we were aware of the university prior to him applying there as a senior in high school, the show did help educate me a bit and opened my eyes up to the school so that I started researching it a bit more and found that it would be a great fit for my son.
My first visit to Magnolia Market and the Silos was in January of this year. I wrote 5 things you should know before you visit and I did allude to the fact that if you find yourself in Waco, Texas {perhaps on a college tour like we were originally}, then you should stop. However, is it worth a special trip to visit Waco, Texas just to shop at Magnolia Market? 

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 I've had a few people ask, and I'm happy to give you my opinion.

My short answer is no.

Every detail of Magnolia Market is beautiful. Chip and Joanna have a style that is consistent and it can be felt throughout the Market and into the bakery and around The Silos.  

The Market has displays that are constantly changing and I did notice some new stock around the shop on this visit. 

The downstairs area now has a huge space devoted to Chip {Chip's Corner}, something that wasn't there on our last visit.

I took picture after picture and had lots of Instagram worthy shots on my short visit into the Market.
However, being from more than 2,000 miles away, I couldn't justify planning a girls trip to Waco, Texas just to visit the store. 

If you live within a two hour drive, and are a Fixer Upper fan, yes, I would totally recommend making a stop in the store. 

I will absolutely make a stop into the Market every.single.time I find myself in Waco visiting my son at college, but if you asked me if you should make a special trip to go to Waco for the sole purpose of visiting the store, I would say no, and here's why.

1. You can find nearly everything in Magnolia Market at your local boutique home store

I have a few small locally owned shops in my area that carry similar items to those that you would find in the market. The farmhouse style is very popular right now {thanks in part to Joanna Gaines} and many of the items associated with that style are items you can find locally. No need to make a special trip.

2. Those items exclusive to the shop can be purchased on-line

Magnolia Market has a great website. Some of the items that I see people swooning over in store, like the metal signs made by Jimmy Don, can be ordered on-line. I perused the website looking for anything I didn't find in the store and the only thing I didn't see for sale on-line that was for sale in the store were fairy garden supplies. 

The Seed & Supply store out back on the Silos property had a huge selection of reasonably priced, fairy garden making materials. However, I am fairly certain if that's your thing, you can find nearly the exact same items at your local Hobby Lobby. 

3. You can find the same items cheaper elsewhere

As with any boutique-type home store, the prices were a little bit higher than I was willing to pay. I'm not one to fork over $26 for a t-shirt and the signature Magnolia wreath's are $95. In fact, I shopped around at other places in Waco {stay tuned for other must stop shops in case you do find yourself in town} and found similar items for a fraction of the price. I picked up a handmade script frame sign for $35 {a similar framed sign would have cost me upwards of $125 at the shop} and their signature cotton stems were tagged at $13. I picked a few up for $8 each at another town store instead.

4. The sales are the same

Last time I was in the store in January, I was excited to find a lot of sale items. I picked up Christmas items that were 75% off and whole corner with letters of all shapes and sizes marked for 50% off. These were sales that couldn't be found on the website. I looked around the shop {I have a nose for locating sales} and all I found were 25% select jewelry items, the same sale you could find on the website.

5. You probably won't see Chip and Joanna

I've been in the store and in the bakery on three different occasions at three very different times of the day. Chip and Joanna have people. They aren't working the store themselves and you probably won't see them hanging out near the Silos. It doesn't mean that there isn't the possibility. They do live and work in the town, but the odds aren't really in your favor.
I don't want to NOT tell you to make a stop into Magnolia Market. I actually really love the shop itself. I'm just adding in my two cents {take them for what they are worth!}, that in my opinion, it's not worth making a trip to Waco, Texas just to shop at Magnolia Market. 

HOWEVER, if you don't want to take my word for it, I'm putting together a local Waco shopping guide of stores {and food stops} I checked out and would encourage you to go to if you find yourself in the area. A little supplement to The Silos. I also have 5 things you should know before you visit.
I will say, that I really think that the very best part about The Silos isn't what's inside the market, it's actually what's outside and located around the grounds. 

fixer upper

I love the large green lawn full of pick up games you can play with your friends and family, the fun food trucks dotting the perimeter and the swings and quaint seating areas you can find by the bakery and around the grass. This is what makes your trip to The Silos unique. 
What do you think? Have you been to Magnolia Market or are you planning a trip? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Unknown said...

I'm from Tennessee. I have been to the Magnolia Silos twice and would go again today if I could. It helps that I have children who live in the Dallas area. It's only an hour and a half drive from there. Joanna has a magical touch and Chip is precious! No, I haven't seen either of them yet but there's always that possibility. They have influenced the entire town to step it up a notch. I visited the grounds in April and again in June. I was totally impressed both times. The flower shop and bakery had opened when I went the second time. Things in the stores can be found other places for less money although I did find a large metal drawer for $12. That's a bargain and it looks so cute in my home. I shop specifically for things made in Texas, which as seen on the show, are made by local craftsman and are not found in other stores. The things which Joanna has chosen to be on the grounds appeals to all of your senses. That part you have to check out in real life. The Internet can't do that for you. I call it Disney World for want-to-be fixer uppers. I advice everyone to visit at least once.

Unknown said...

My thoughts!! take your two cents with you!!! Let people decide what they want to do! Chip and Joanna!! work hard, this is their Dream!!! SO Don't Spoil!! It for them! when people go too WACO!!! Let them decide for themselves!!!!! I'm pretty sure they know is going to be expensive!! and how much to spend!! and they are going more out of curiosity!!!!!! PS. DON'T SPOIL IT FOR OTHERS!!!!!!!

rachelteodoro said...

Thanks for your opinions Carmen and Nita. I'm not saying that it's not a great store, it really is quite beautiful and well done, I just don't know if I would spend a few thousand dollars making a mecca to visit it. Just my opinion. You are welcome to yours!

Salvage Sister & Mister said...

I haven't been but would love to go (if I am in the area). I agree there are so many great local shops!

Unknown said...

Rachel - oh I'm so glad to read this! While I'd visit if I was local or passing through, I am not making a special trip to the middle of nowhere Texas to go shopping. I love that someone else feels that way, because I swear so many people are acting like this is some kind of Disneyland that you NEED to go to. I love what the Gaines have done for Waco, and I love the show (even though it's not how I decorate), but a special trip is outta the question for ME. Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion about it... :)

kristen said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I completely agree! Even before reading this, one could tell that the store was mostly made up of items purchased at 'market' or what we call'gift market' meaning these are items made overseas and can be purchased by any store owner at wholesale prices. I understand that they have 'Made in Texas' and that is awesome!! I am all about supporting local artisans!! If Im near Waco, would I go? Absolutely!! Make a special trip, nah....

Unknown said...

Thank you for your article Rachel, I enjoyed reading it. I do completely understand where you're coming from.. however, if I were able to make a special trip I most definitely would just to see it all in person! I'm very excited to go.. one day :). I think Joanna and Chip are awesome and I would LOVE to meet them and see their work (in person, nothing like real life!) :)!..
That being said... keep up all your good work and I really enjoy your blog, keep em coming! Thanks!

Susannah said...

That's the answer I would expect! I wouldn't make a trip just to go to the store but if I ever find myself nearby I will definitely go!

Beth said...

I have visited once since I'm a big fan of Chip and Joanna's program personality and friendly manner of working with clients. He seems to be able to construct/reconstruct anything. She has a clean, country chic style. And the sleeper of the program, Clint, is inspiring in his wood crafting work. I know that this compound is part of their dream, but it left me very sad. Much of what is there is imported and mass produced. I may not have seen a corner of specialty one or few of a kind items there. Does it exist because that's part of what I love about Chip and Joanna's style? That and the way Chip seems to bring home all sorts of fauna for the family to raise.

I feel fairly disloyal in my critique, but the compound really does sport a "Disneyland" feel; large, impersonal and imported. Growing pains are part of nearly every endeavor. I hope these pass and the Gaines family remembers what so endears them to our hearts. They are one of a kind. They create one of a kind homes for their clients. Decorating is personal and the impersonal feel of big business won't help them stay in our hearts.

Denise said...

I live in Waco. Know Chip & JoAnna. And couldn't agree with you more. It's been great for Waco but I'm surprised at how many think they are Santa in the workshop hand making these items. It's all Creative Co-op people! The tags have just been removed - but you might accidentally find one still attached. I'm anxiously waiting for your "other places to shop" post to see if you missed anything. Good luck to your son @ Baylor! Hope he has a great semester.

Susie @ The Chelsea Project Blog said...

I plan to stop at their store if I'm ever in the area. It looks lovely and would be a fun adventure.

niki said...

I would visit if I were there or nearby but would certainly not make a special trip.

Mary said...

We go to San Antonio occasionally and get within about 30 miles 0f Waco. Is it worth the 60 ( round trip) miles? Mary

rachelteodoro said...

Mary, I would say yes. It would be a fun trip for the afternoon. Or make it a day trip and visit the 20 places I listed in this post:

Unknown said...

I live in Belton, TX around 1 hour and I been there twice and we are planning to go there again soon. I enjoyed my visits and I always go with a budget ha ha. We enjoyed the bakery. The only things that stop us to go often is the parking and the construction along I-35 but that is life.

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