Could This Be the Next House on Season 4 of Fixer Upper?

UPDATE: Read to the end to find out what this house will be used for!

I'm not one to speculate {OK, maybe I am} but I happened to be driving around Waco, Texas a few weeks ago and passed this gorgeous white home. I read a bit about it because I heard that this 110 year old beauty known around town as the Bradshaw Estate was recently purchased by Chip and Joanna Gaines after being on the market for more than a year. In a recent article in the Waco Tribune, representatives for Magnolia has said that they are unsure what the Gaines family will do with this property. or whether it will be included in the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  However, I was driving by and I saw something interesting that had me wondering...

Could this home be the next house featured on Season 4 of Fixer Upper?

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One of the reasons many of the previous clients of Fixer Upper are said to be leaving their Fixer Upper renovated homes and renting them out on sites like VRBO  is because the tourists that are flocking to Waco, Texas are finding their way around the town and are posing in front of the homes for selfies. Many of the homeowners find this new public attention to their home disruptive and unwelcome, which is why I am not posting the address of the Gaines home. 

Jaime from season 3 of Fixer Upper {see my exclusive interview with her about what it's really like to be a client of Chip and Joanna Gaines}, said that at their home, they get folks driving by occasionally. She says she sees someone once every 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind, those are the obvious fans. I'm sure there are those she doesn't see too!

That said, Chip and Joanna Gaines new home is located on a fairly busy main road that cuts straight through town. While it would be difficult for fans to stop in front of the home, it's not impossible with several commercial parking lots literally across the street.  Which is how I saw the dumpster and the trailer that seem like signs that this home may just be getting some Fixer Upper attention.

Fixer Upper

Images from the real estate listing found on Zillow show that this home doesn't seem to be a total gut job, but we all know that Joanna has a style, and that this may not be it.

However, this yard seems pretty amazing for the Gaines family and would provide the privacy they would need even in the city.

So while I'm totally speculating, I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't see this home on season 4 of Fixer Upper. What do you think? 


I just got an e-mail about this home that Chip and Joanna are calling the Hillcrest Estate. It is located on Hillcrest Drive {hence the name} even though it was formerly called the Bradshaw Estate. 

The front of the home has been cleaned up and re-landscaped. The door is now a major statement of the home, and the railing on the roof top balconies has been painted black making them less of a focal point drawing your eye into the home.

photos from Magnolia Website

There are 7 bedrooms, sleeping 12. 

The kitchen had a major transformation. Just scroll up to see the before photos.

I love the dark moody colors in what used to be a dated red room.

You can enter to win a stay or start booking your visit in early August. FYI, it is on a busy road and isn't close to Baylor or The Silos so be prepared to drive several minutes to get to Magnolia Market and downtown Waco, but who wouldn't love having a stay at this beautiful historic home that has Joanna and Chip Gaines fingerprints all over it. 

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Unknown said...

Do you know when season four is supposed to begin?

Joni said...

Joanna will be announcing a date soon! Stay tuned! :-)

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