Glitter Coffee Mug Made Two Different Ways

I was slow to the party, but after living in the birthplace of Starbucks for a few years, I finally started drinking and enjoying coffee. I like my coffee iced, I like it sweet, I like it blended, I like it plain, I like it hot, I like it period. Since I drink coffee every day, I have started making cups and mugs that I like to drink my coffee out of. I made a few new glitter mugs and I made them two different ways. 
htv, silhouette cameo, modge podge

Would you believe that one of these is made using heat transfer vinyl cut on my Silhouette machine? The other is made using mod podge and glitter and it's actually safe to wash and use! I'm showing you how to make both kinds of glitter mugs today

First lets start with the classic mod podge and glitter mug. I used a classic matte mod podge and some extra fine glitter {it needs to be extra fine or it will be far too chunky on your mug} to match my coffee mug. The inside of the mug was the same teal color as the glitter. You will also need some painters tape and a brush {I like these for spreading mod podge}.

Start by taping off your area on your coffee mug that you want to glitter. I glittered half of the handle on one of my mugs.

Spread a layer of mod podge all over the area you want your glitter. Make sure you apply it generously but don't leave big puddles of glue.

Sprinkle glitter on your mug. I always make sure I have a paper plate underneath my glitter area to catch the extra glitter. It also makes for easy clean up. I let my mod podge and my glitter dry over night.

There is a dishwasher safe mod podge sealer. I looked into it. The sealer takes 28 days to cure. That's  a lot of days! So I went with polycrylic sealer that I used on my Yeti knock off tumblers. I painted on 3 coats of the sealer waiting for each coat to dry between applications.

The mod podge glitter coffee mug took the longest to make. There was a lot of waiting for the mug to dry between steps.

So, let's check out technique number two. Using heat transfer vinyl cut on your Silhouette Cameo and ironed on to your coffee mug. I must say I was a bit skeptical about this technique. I've used HTV before. In fact, it's probably my favorite medium to use on craft projects, but on a mug? Seriously? So I thought I would try it.

I had a teal sheet of glittered HTV on hand, so I thought I would use that to cut my project out of. I made two different designs and cut them both. The problem with HTV, especially the glittered kind is that it's hard to see once it's cut. But I have a little trick for you!

After you cut your HTV {here's a tutorial in case you need to know how to cut HTV like a pro} sprinkle baby powder on your cut image. It's hard to tell, but in person, I promise you, those letters start to pop up as the baby powder settles into the cut lines of your vinyl.

cameo, how to cut HTV

Once I weeded my image I got my mug ready. I wiped it down with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol to make sure it was totally clean and free of greasy finger prints.

I heated up my iron to my cotton setting and put a towel down on my ironing board. Your coffee mug is a good insulator of heat, which is why it makes a great mug to drink hot drinks from. It also makes it heat up super hot while you are working with it. The towel underneath allows you to lay the mug on top of it and even pick up the towel and hold the mug without burning yourself.

I typically use a very light thin fabric buffer when I iron on my HTV, but I just ironed it on directly so that I could make sure I got the whole image transferred.  Take your time on this step. You want the image to transfer and be permanent.  Once your image has transferred, I used a soft rag to rub the image down before I remove the plastic transfer sheet. Once the plastic transfer sheet has cooled, peel it off.

I just love how these coffee mugs turned out! Both simple techniques, one more time consuming than the other, but both give you the glittered effect that is really popular right now.

I had to clean out my mug collection to make room for a few new favorites!

silhouette cameo, htv

Give it a try!  I would love to hear how it works for you.

silhouette cameo, htv
silhouette cameo, heat transfer vinyl, mod podge, extra fine glitter, mama bear, coffee and jesus
How do you take your coffee? Do you make your own at home or do you have a favorite coffee shop that you stop in at?

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