Glam Silver and White Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover

When we first bought our house almost six years ago, there was one kids bedroom that was much larger than the others. We made a deal that the oldest kid got the biggest room and then when that kid moved out, the next oldest would move in. Each child would get a chance to have the big room in the house. For much of our oldest son's senior year of high school, my daughter {the next oldest} was scheming about her plans for her new {much larger} room. This plan included upgrading to a larger full size bed and creating a much more sophisticated space in our home to call her own.  

In the past month, we moved our oldest son to his new home at college in Texas and moved our daughter into her new bedroom, complete with an accent wall with some pretty fabulous wallpaper, new furnishings she's stock piled through the year at garage sales and thrift shops and a tufted upholstered headboard that she created as part of a DIY project with her grandpa. 

silver and white, wallpaper, teen

It's hard to believe that this is the before and after of this room! It's changed so much and become a beautiful room for our daughter to spend her teen years in. 

girls glam bedroom makeover, teenager,

On Friday, Isabella will be sharing the tutorial for how she upholstered the headboard in her new room. It was a really fun project for her and her Grandpa to share together.  In the meantime, lets look at some of the rooms details.

We were gifted a full size mattress for Isabella's new room, but that meant that none of our current beds or headboards would work for her and her new bed. She had been talking about and begging her dad to make an upholstered headboard for her for years with no luck. She happened to catch the ear of her grandpa at just the right time and he agreed to help her. I think they did an amazing job and I can't wait until Friday when Isabella takes over my blog to write the tutorial for this beautiful headboard they created.

teenage girls glam bedroom makeover

I have torn down a lot of wallpaper in my day but I have never installed more than a border. Wallpaper is making a comeback and when it looks this good, you can see why! This wallpaper is called Kinky Vintage Moonshine from Graham & Brown. We only installed it on this accent wall, but what an amazing accent wall it is! With my husband and I working together it took us an afternoon to get it up. This is a flocked wallpaper with a nice velvety feel to it. It was heavy and had a pattern so I was intimidated by how difficult it would be to install, but really it wasn't that bad.

glam wallpaper, teenage girls bedroom

This small mirrored side table was something we picked up at an estate sale for $12. I think it works perfectly in this space.

silver and white, patterned wallpaper, graham and brown, mirrored side table

All of the pillows came from various garage sales. It helped knowing her design vision {silver and white} so that I could pick up any items I would see that fit into our budget and her vision.

 The mirrored gallery wall came from her old room and cost under $40 to create.

I got lucky when I found this giant sheepskin rug for only $20! It was brand new and had been a wedding gift for the couple I bought it from. They had just never used it. I don't doubt the $500 original price tag they told me that it cost. The chair in the corner was a find from Goodwill outlet for only $3.

silver and white, teenager,

I picked up this large white framed mirror for $10 at a garage sale and it reflects her wallpapered accent wall so well and gives her a great place to put on her make up in the mornings.

I just love how this bedroom turned out. I think that it goes beyond any expectation that any of us had for her room, especially after seeing the before! It's hard to remember that a stinky smelly teenage boy occupied this space and now it looks so very different.
silver and white, teen girl bedroom, patterned wallpaper, upholstered headboard

Come back on Friday to see how my 14 year old daughter and her grandpa designed and created this beautiful tufted upholstered headboard.  See you then!

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Carolyn @ Our Gilded Abode said...

The room and accessories are absolutely gorgeous! And how wonderful that she and her grandfather have the sweet memory of making the beautiful headboard. I wish my bedroom looked like that when I was a teen! :)

rachelteodoro said...

Carolyn, she loves it! Her and her grandpa had a great time working together on it. She may be thinking up more DIY projects to do with him!

Anonymous said...

I love the outcome, it's beautiful! My oldest daughter also left for college a couple of months ago and her younger sister gets the room all to her self now. We have been also collecting things to remodel the her "new" room. I love that you spent so little and yet it looks so upscale!!

Miranda said...

Wow, truly stunning room makeover!!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with her vision come true! Y'all (& grandpa) did a wonderful job! Marie B. Jacksonville, Fl

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous bedroom and what a difference!! I'm very impressed with the headboard. Tell your daughter she did a wonderful job and I can see her working her way into a designer!! Great taste!

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