Joanna Gaines Leather Statement Bracelet Tutorial

I'm a Fixer Upper fan. I can't say that I've seen all of the episodes, but I do follow Joanna Gaines on Instagram and I love all of the pretty things that her hand touches.  I also am a big fan of Joanna's style. If I had to pick one person in the world to switch wardrobes with it would be Elton John. Only kidding {though he does have some pretty rad pant suits}, it would be, Joanna Gaines of course! I love her neutral comfortable style, that translates into her jewelry as well. I saw this leather statement bracelet on her in an Instagram photo more than a year ago and drooled over the piece when I went to The Silos, but the $66 price tag had me going back to my old mantra of "I can make that." And so I did.

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I'm a woman on a budget, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to dress like a million bucks. I even put together this post on how you can get Joanna Gaines fashion style for less

When I see an item that I can recreate for a fraction of the retail price, I do just that. I'm excited to share with you how you can make your own leather statement bracelet just like the one you can find at Magnolia Market. If you would like to buy your own, you can shop here

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You will need:

piece of leather 1" wide and 13" long 

I had a bag of scrap leather that isn't quite as dark as I would like. I painted it, using this ganache fabric paint. You can use this information on how to paint leather if you need a place to start. If you have leather the color you want to use, you can skip this step.

I cut my piece of leather down to 1" wide and 13" long. This length will depend on the size of your wrist, but my guess is, you won't need anything bigger than 14" long.

Wrap your bracelet around your wrist with the O ring in place. To put your bracelet on, place the bracelet behind your wrist and wrap it under and through your O ring on both sides. Pull the ends through and wrap them behind your wrist.

**this picture already shows the snaps in place, don't worry, I haven't gotten there yet in the tutorial. I just realized that putting the bracelet on is a bit complicated and wanted to show you how to do it

Use a pen to mark where you want your snap to be. You may need a helper to help you mark the spot.

Once you get your snap dots in place, take the bracelet off of your wrist. You want to use your rotary cutter to slice down the middle of your leather piece. I cut on the inside about 1 1/2" from both ends. Use your straight edge as your guide and cut back and forth with your rotary cutter.

Prepare your snaps. I googled a snap tutorial because it never fails that every.single.time I forget how to set my snaps. I got them in place on the ends of my bracelet and that's it!

I love my new leather statement bracelet.

I think it's a pretty great knock off for a fraction of the price. Since I got my leather at a garage sale, and my O ring was cut from an old belt, my grand total for this project was around $2 since I had to buy the snaps. I saved $64 and got the same great look.

Give it a try! We could be twinsies!

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Unknown said...

Rachel, as someone told you, you DO look like Joanna! And not sure that it's just that you dress like her.I have always admired her bracelet & almost bought it when I was in her shop but thought the price was too expensive, so was thrilled to see your tutorial. Altho you mentioned painting the leather, I am wondering where I would find a silver ring? Once again, thank you so much for your tutorial & can't wait to make one (would also love to have Clint make me some furniture but that is really out of my price range (no matter how beautiful). Jude

rachelteodoro said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Jude! The link for the O ring is actually up above in the supplies. If you open the link it will take you to other colors like silver. I actually got mine from an old belt I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents! So maybe you can check your local thrift shop first just to see. Regardless, buying the supplies still puts you well under the original asking price!

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