20 White Elephant Gifts You Will Want to Keep

I love a good white elephant gift exchange. It seems like every holiday season we get invited or go to at least one of these themed type parties. If you have never participated in a white elephant exchange, let me explain what one is. There aren't really any hard and fast rules to the exchange but there is usually a price limit that is set {typically under $20}. The organizer sometimes sets up special instructions, such as bring a gift that is funny or impractical. Most times the only rule is that the gift must be interesting. There are often other house rules to follow on the acquisition of the gift but they almost always start with the gifts being generically wrapped and placed in a pile in the center of your group. Every game is different with gifts being opened and stolen in an attempt to acquire the best white elephant gift that has been brought to the exchange.  I scrolled for hours looking for 20 white elephant gifts I thought would be fun for you to bring to your next white elephant gift exchange. Come see what I came up with. You are going to want to end up with your own gift at the end of the evening!

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toilet bowl golf game might as well do something while you are sitting there
prank gift boxes there are a whole bunch of them and make the perfect gift to hold a gift
hot dog toaster because why not
coloring book for grownups the hipster or homeless coloring page sold me
favorite child ribbon perfect to wear to your next family party so no one is confused
toilet mug this would make you smile every morning
cat ice cube tray who wouldn't want cats in their drink?
dog lover earrings aren't they cute?
Owl and the Pussy Cat art print animals in clothes are the best kind of animals
bear pillow see above
mermaid tail blanket I don't know too many girls who don't want to be a mermaid
key holder it's functional and funny
cereal spoon because mornings need a little humor
horse head squirrel feeder all the squirrels will be coming to your yard!
llama tote bag why do I not have this yet?
unicorn bandages there are so many awesome bandage variations out there
shower whiteboard the best ideas happen in the shower
crocodile bookmark never lose your place in a book again
huskie hanger there are a variety of animals you can select from
microwave cooking book read the reviews and you will want your own

I honestly had a hard time narrowing down the list to just these 20. There are tons of fun white elephant gifts to give. I'm sure with the help of this list and then clicking around and checking out the section below the items that are suggested buys, you are sure to find something that will not only be fun to give, but will be fun to keep too!
I want to hear it...what has been your favorite white elephant gift to give or receive?

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