Creating a Wall Hanging from a Placemat

A few weeks ago, I completed decorating my son's bohemian bedroom on a budget. I was able to stay on budget because there were many handmade elements that went into creating this room, including using a placemat I found on clearance at Target as a wall hanging. For under $3, I created a piece of art that adds texture and makes a statement on the wall. I'm showing you just how you can do it too!

bohemian, bedroom, decorating

Creating a Wall Hanging from a Placemat

bohemian, bedroom, budget, decorating

I like to wander the aisles of Target looking for good deals. I find that if you walk the inside aisles, there are often times end caps with clearance items on them. I also know that my Target does markdowns early Wednesday morning, which is why I save my Target trips for that day of the week. I just love it when I pick up an item I think is cheap already and then it rings up at the register even more on sale. That's what happened with these placemats. They were actually $2.48 marked down even more than their current marked clearance price.

I looped together embroidery floss to create tassels. You can follow this tutorial if you aren't sure how to make a tassel. Once I had some tassels made, I used the same embroidery floss in a needle to attach them to the back of my placemat.

budget, bohemian, decorating, weaving

Once the tassels were added, I used hot glue to attach a small dowel on the back. This step is important because if you don't have the dowel on the back, your placemat will fold and not lay flat against the wall. I then attached twine with a stapler. It's not super high tech, but it totally works.

bohemian, budget, decorating, weaving

bohemian, budget, decorating, weaving,
 I think it turned out really cool and it didn't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

bohemian, weaving, budget, bedroom, decorating

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Keep your eyes peeled for cheap placemats. You can get them in all different patterns. They make the perfect cheap wall art.

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