Easy to Make Cinnamon Citrus Holiday Air Freshener Simmer Pot

Do scents evoke the warm feeling of the holidays to you, too? At this time of the year, there’s nothing nicer than walking into a home and smelling the seasonal scents of cinnamon and spice. Making your own natural air freshener is simple with this cinnamon citrus recipe. Your guests will love the smell without being overwhelmed by the fragrance, after all, it’s natural. 

all natural, essential oils

Easy to Make Cinnamon Citrus Air Freshener Simmer Pot Recipe

holiday simmer pot recipe


all natural, essential oils
Citrus Cinnamon Air Freshener
     2 cups of water
     Orange slices or citrus peels {lemons, mandarins}
     1/2 cup of cranberries
     1-2 cinnamon sticks
     1-2 tbsp of cloves
     A sprinkle of anise
     1-2 stems of rosemary
     1 stem of vanilla or add a splash of vanilla extract
     A few small sticks of a pine tree 
     Simmer on stove for hours in a simmer pot or saucepan. Add more water if mixture becomes dry.
I wish you could smell the lovely scent of the holidays right now as it bubbles on my stove top.
all natural, essential oils

This recipe is great because you can use what you have on hand. Don't have cranberries? Don't worry about it! This recipe is very forgiving and helps your home smell amazing!

all natural, potporri

It's a great way to use up that extra fruit that might just be sitting uneaten in your fridge. I know we had a few oranges that were turning hard and the kids wouldn't eat them. Throw them in a pot and follow the recipe. No need to waste anything! Enjoy the smells of the season!

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