10 Wedding Gifts Couples Really Use

My husband and I just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. I remember wandering the aisles of a few department stores, having never lived on my own, trying to think of household items we might need. We were in college, so we were having to take into consideration that the majority of our guests were poor college students. We were very practical for the most part {not registering for expensive china or entertaining pieces but sticking to things we thought we would use daily}, and while perusing the wedding registry of a few young 20 somethings recently, I was wondering what gifts would be practical gifts couples really use. You know, the kind of gifts that a couple might not have on their registry, but instead realize after they unwrapped it that this was the best gift they got. So I did what any adult does and I took to Facebook to ask my friends. Many of them have been married for decades and most remembered their favorite gifts from their wedding. I thought I would put the list together for you to use just in case you print off a registry for a wedding and start shaking your head thinking that those young whippersnappers have no clue! It may just give you a good starting point to reference if you are registering for wedding gifts for your upcoming wedding or give you ideas if you are looking for a much-appreciated gift for a young couple.

Wedding Gifts Couples Will Actually Use

1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

This was the only gift my husband registered for. I don't know a single person who doesn't love this stand mixer. I'm not sure I could live without it. Nearly two decades later, it still works just as well as it did when we opened it. It's expensive, but worth it!

2. Gift Cards and Cash

I just spoke to a young newly married couple and the bride said they had to borrow towels from her brand new in-laws because even though they registered for towels, they never received any. Once a couple starts setting up their home, there are always necessities they think of that they didn't register for. Gift cards and cash is always a welcome gift.

3. Hotel or Honeymoon Money

Another young couple told me that they didn't have enough money to go on a honeymoon. A guest paid for their hotel for the night of their wedding and that was a welcome gift. 

4. A Quality Set Pots and Pans

I must confess, we got the pots and pans we registered for, but I didn't do any type of research and they didn't last long. They needed replaced after just a few years. If you have been married for a bit and are looking at the wedding registry at a couples pots and pans selection and questioning the quality of a 48 piece set for $20, you should probably go with your gut and pick up your favorite quality piece for the couple. This is an incredibly expensive set, but buying a piece or two for around $50, like these, are fairly affordable. Make sure the pots and pans you select are dishwasher safe.

5. High Quality Bed Sheets

Again, young couples probably haven't invested in high thread count sheets before. They have no idea what they are missing and will appreciate the extravagance. Think about getting two sets of sheets so that one can be getting washed while the other one is ready for being put on the bed. These sheets get a high rating on Amazon and are under $25.

6. More Gift Cards...for Date Nights

I thought that this was such a fun idea from a friend. They were given gift cards for local restaurants, movie theaters and attractions. You could even include a list of "free" date night ideas or a coupon book. This would make a great bridal shower gift.

7. Nice Bath Towels

Again, you probably have a favorite and I always love the gifts I get from people who tell me they love this product and have used it and wanted to purchase it for me because they love it so much. A good recommendation when you are flying blind is much appreciated when you are starting out. These towels get great ratings so much so, that I just purchased a set for myself. I needed some new towels! A friend said that she actually got more towels than she registered for and instead of returning them, she kept the new towels and was able to bring them out after a few years and had nice towels she would have had a hard time splurging on herself! Genius idea.

8. A Luggage Set

I would have never thought about this, but a nice luggage set is something most couples need. They probably don't have anything that they own just yet, so purchasing a few pieces of carry-on luggage would probably be appreciated. 

9. Everyday Dishes

Again, this is something I didn't know mattered, but it does. We had a fabulous set of dishes {lucked out on that one!} that I selected because my mom had a set from that brand. We needed more dishes as we had more mouths to feed and ended up replacing them with a set from Costco. I hated them! They chipped, cracked and broke. The quality matters, so make sure you pick good quality everyday dishes. They don't have to cost a lot either! This set for 4 costs under $50.

10. Silverware

I'm not talking actual silver like our grandparents used to get. I'm talking matching silverware, a few sets worth. This was actually another one of those few items we haven't had to replace since getting married. I had something similar to this and after nearly 20 years, it's still going strong! I'm glad I had a few sets too. Totally worth having matching silverware all these years later.

Know what nearly every single person said that they wish they HADN'T registered for or haven't used? China. There were a few friends who told me that they love having the china and that it looks nice in a hutch, but friends, I'd much rather give a gift that's going to be used often rather than one that is going to sit in a box or in a hutch never getting any use. 

So tell me, did I miss anything? What would you add to the list? 

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Unknown said...

I couldn't help noticing the picture with the wedding rings in the Bible. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, it thrills me to see someone use a bible with Jehovah's name in it. It must be a New World Translation. Are you a Witness or is this a coincidence?

rachelteodoro said...

Hi Kendall! This was a stock photo I was able to use for the post. I am a Jesus loving Christian. Jehovah is one of the Hebrew names of God.

Margaret said...

Great ideas! I loved getting a tablecloth that was useable for everyday to cover my not so great looking dining room table. Also a clear glass water pitcher. If I don't know a couple as well or live a distance from them, a gift card is great so that all the money goes to them to make their own choice rather than to shipping charges.

Unknown said...

This list is so good! I can't say enough what an amazing gift good bedsheets and towels were at our wedding. And 12 years later I still use my pot and pans and kitchen aid mixer. This is a great list.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

I did not receive a KitchenAid for my wedding, but my husband purchased one for me on our second anniversary. It is one of the items that I use the most often.

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