Stop Losing Your Stuff!

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Alki is a beautiful stretch of beach with a long paved sidewalk perfect for viewing the beautiful skyline of Seattle while taking in the bay and on one sunny day a friend told me that she took a group of older kids {OK, maybe you aren't considered a kid in your 20's...whatever} to rent bikes and enjoy the afternoon. One of the out-of-town kids drove up in a car that was borrowed from a host family and several kids hopped on a double Surrey to enjoy the ride and the beautiful summer day we were having. Everyone enjoyed the day together until the girl with the borrowed car realized that she had lost the car keys. The group fanned out to search and couples walked frantically trying to retrace their steps to find the lost keys to no avail. It's one thing to lose something that is yours, but quite another to lose something of someone else's. The rest of the day's plans took a turn and the group separated once again, this time sending a few people on an hour's drive to get the spare set of keys while the others stayed back to watch the car just in case the key finder thought they won the car lottery that day! 

I tell you this story, because we've all been there. We've all misplaced something or tossed things aside frantically searching for something we knew we just had moments ago. I just read a study that said that Americans spend 2.5 days a year looking for lost items. But what if I told you you could get some of that time back? 

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Stop Losing Your Stuff!

Let's play a little game. Pretend you are on Family Feud.  You step up to the block, shake hands with your opponent and place your hand behind your back. The host asks, "what item do people misplace most often?"

Top of the list...the TV remote. Yep, guilty. Lost ours tonight. The hubby was folding laundry while getting ready to watch old episodes of Scrubs {hilarious!}, and what do you know, the remote was no where in sight. Not to worry, I had just set up Pixie

Wait wait wait you say. What the heck is a Pixie? Let me tell ya. A Pixie is the answer to all your misplaced items. Pixie shows you where lost items are hiding and actually guides you to find them, within inches and even behind or inside something. Our remote? It had fallen back behind our DVD player. Unlike a traditional tracking device that uses Bluetooth, Pixie allows you to give whatever items you lose most, a digital identity so that you can use your iPhone to quickly locate it with it's magical Pixie dust. 

That doesn't look like my lost remote does it? Sue me. My 11 year old son and I decided to try playing hide and go seek with it. I set up a Pixie to use inside a luggage tag. You know how they tell you that all bags look alike? It's so true! I've got Pixie all set up so that I can slip it into my suitcase and as I wait at the baggage carousel I can track down my bag. 

But since we aren't really traveling anywhere right now we decided to track each other and play hide and go seek around the house. It's a bit more high tech than how we used to play as kids, but we had our best time.

So whether you are on a quest to find kids in the house during a game of hide and seek, hunting down lost remotes so you can watch your favorite show or tracking down lost keys, you can use Pixie to digitally help you find your misplaced items quickly and easily.

What item do you lose most often? Let me know in the comments. 

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