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It's my favorite season of all. Nope, not football or hunting season, but garage sale season. The garage sales are in full swing every weekend in my neighborhood and as they say one man's trash is another mans' treasure and I'm going treasure hunting nearly every weekend! I have been shopping garage sales for more than 30 years and it's one of my favorite things about summer. Summer is also a great time to host your own sale and get rid of those things in your home you no longer need. 

Today, I'm actually sharing my tips on how to have a successful garage sale on New Day Northwest in Seattle. If you found me because you watched the show, welcome! You can find me on social media too @msrachelteodoro.

If you see that tab on the top that says "real projects" it drops down and the final tab says "garage sales," click on that and you will find PAGES of past garage sale finds, projects I've made with garage sale buys, garage sale transformations and tips. Pretty  much everything you need to know if you love garage sales or want to get started taking part in the ultimate recycling and saving.

You can also find my complete ebook for only $7.99 called The Ultimate Garage Sale Handbook; tips and tricks from a garage sale pro. I have mentored a handful of family and friends and they are saving hundreds of dollars {if not thousands!} every year by using my tips. 

Not only do I have information that will be helpful for you when you want to have a garage sale, I also have information that is helpful if you want to start going to garage sales and saving money.

Since I was going to be on New Day NW talking about having a garage sale, I wanted to get some signs ready for the show. I'm sharing them as a free download for you today. You can get 6 free garage sale signs that will help you when you have your next sale.

Want to know more about the perfect garage sale sign and drive traffic to your sale? Check out this post.

I also like to have some pre-printed signs so that I don't have to price every single item. 

If you use the arrow signs to drive traffic to your sale, I might suggest that you mount it on cardboard and/or laminate it so that it will hold up to any elements. As always, my free printables are offered for personal use only.

Free Garage Sale Sign Printables

garage sale arrow right
garage sale arrow straight
garage sale arrow left
books sign
free sign
blank sign

In case you missed my segment, or if you aren't local, you can check out some of my tips from the show.

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