7 Timeless Kitchen Design Trends

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They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's true don't you think? We have many private rooms in our home, but few are shared and used by the whole family on a regular basis the way that the kitchen is. It doesn't matter that each of our kids has their own rooms with desks, they do their homework on the kitchen table. We eat together, cook together, play games together and enjoy each other in our kitchen. It's probably the one room of the home that I spend the most time in.

When I was 22, we bought our first house. We brought home kid number two and kid number three in that home and enjoyed our space until we were bursting at the seams. We had a lot to learn as first time home buyers, but we also made some pretty good choices too. 

One of the updates that we made was probably the smartest thing we could have done. 

We gave a lipstick makeover to our small but usable kitchen space. I call it a lipstick makeover because we didn't change the layout of the space, which would have been costly, but instead, we changed and updated the countertops, painted the cabinets and updated the appliances. Since selling our first home six years ago, the home has been bought and sold three more times and it's never been on the market for more than a few months! 

Every time the home is re-listed {yep, I stalk it!} the realtor boasts about the "gourmet" kitchen and the fancy features you will find in it. I think one of the reasons the home sells so quickly is because the updates we did are timeless, especially the ones we made in our kitchen.

Are you wanting to update your kitchen? Here's how to avoid the trends and make timeless improvements that will up your resale and last for years to come.

7 Timeless Kitchen Design Trends

Light-colored cabinets

Our new home has beautiful cherry cabinets but there hasn't been a day that has gone by that we've lived here that I don't wish that I had the light cream cabinets from our old made over kitchen. Light-colored cabinets brighten up the space and draw you in. If you want to add some color, do so with accessories. There is no need to replace your cabinets if they are in good shape. You can reface them. Sears Home Services is offering $500 off $1500 or more when you reface or replace your cabinets

LED Lighting

It's not hard to install on your own and makes an impact while being relatively inexpensive. String LED lights along the top or bottom of your cabinets to highlight the features of your kitchen.

Open Layouts

Take down the bulky cabinets that are separating your rooms and open up your space. People want to feel connected in all areas of their home, especially in their kitchen. 


It doesn't matter how big or small your kitchen is, you never feel like you have enough space. So make sure you use the space you have in the best way possible. If you are changing out cabinets, make sure you add deep drawers and have lots of storage. If you are using what you have, consider drawer dividers or functional storage pieces that can help you stay organized.

Stainless Steel

I don't think the classic industrial look of stainless steel will ever go out of style. Simply changing out your old outdated appliances can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen.

Stone Countertops

Without fail, the stone our countertop is made of always gets mentioned in the real estate listing ads. Funny, but the granite we selected for the countertops in our old home remodel, are the same ones that were in our new home when we purchased it. Light cabinets and dark countertops is in right now, but I say, pick what you love and ignore the trends. Your gut is usually right. You can save $250 on a countertop only purchase over $1500 right now through Sears Home Services. 

Wood {or wood looking} Floors

Hardwood floors have been a part of homes since the beginning of home construction. They are timeless and give the kitchen a natural warmth. Plus, they are easy to care for and maintain.

What kind of improvements do you want to make to your kitchen? You really can't go wrong with any of these timeless kitchen design trends. You can contact Sears Home Experts for a free in home consultation. You have nothing to lose. Give them a call today!

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Terra Walker said...

Yes! I agree completely, except for that stainless steel thing. I dislike stainless appliances. They're too much work to keep smudge-free, and they're not magnetic. I love having magnets on the fridge.

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