Create a Reading Nook for Kids Using What You Have

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Activate.
I have read to my kids since they were young in an attempt to create life-long readers. It's getting harder and harder now that books have to compete with hand-held screens but I'm doing my best to try! Summer is the perfect time to encourage reading since study after study has shown that children who don't read over the summer decline or stagnate in their reading abilities. You don't want all that hard work during the school year to be undone during those dog days of summer now do you? So I'm sharing how I created a reading nook in my home that is encouraging my kids to pick up a good book and curl up for the afternoon. There is nothing fancy about it and I'm showing you how!

How to Create a Reading Nook for Kids

Lucky for us, we already have a nice spot in the corner of our master bedroom. I know many families that have their master bedroom off-limits to kids, but we like to encourage our kids to come in and spend time in there. This chair though has seen better days. We purchased it about a decade ago and it's starting to show it's age.

My kids actually hate sitting on it because the cracks in the pleather {yep, nothing authentic about this chair!} pinch them as they sit in it. It's still a functional chair, it just doesn't look very pretty anymore {oh and it grabs you, so there's that!}, so I decided to fix it up a bit and I used MastaPlasta Leather Repair kit to patch the holes and stop the rips and tears from ripping and tearing more.

MastaPlasta is easy to use. Simply cut them to the size you need, peel off the back and stick them on. That's it! I patched up this chair in under ten minutes! I love being able to still use what I have, and MastaPlasta let me repair the rips and tears and move on with my life and now my kids aren't afraid of getting pinched when they sit in the chair.

After the holes and rips were patched, I found a comfy blanket to put over the chair. You want to create a cozy spot, so adding blankets and pillows to your reading nook is a must! You never know what position is comfiest for a kid, but you want to create a space that they will want to go to and spend time in.

If you have been watching any of my weekly coffee chats on Facebook live, you will know that we have set aside 3:30-4 pm every day as our reading time. We put aside our devices and curl up with a good book. Having time that's carved out each day will help you stick to a routine and make the time to read. If you join them, you also model that behavior for them too!

We also make frequent trips to our local library during the summer. Talk to friends about what books their kids are reading. You may also find this post helpful to find a book for your kids for summer reading. The benefit of the library is that you can try a book and if your child starts it and doesn't like it, they can move on to the next one. There are lots of options and no financial investment, plus, librarians want to encourage your child to read too, so they will have lots of great suggestions if you need them.
I also like to make sure that there is a hard surface like an end table or coffee table nearby for any drinks or snacks. Also, a place that books can be stacked up. You want books available and within easy reach at all times so make them a part of your decor. 
I told you...nothing fancy. Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear them! How do you create a space for your kids to read in?

disclaimer: this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Activate. All opinions are 100% my own.

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