Basic DIY Yarn and Driftwood Macrame Wall Hanging for Beginners

The retro trends are back, and while I can't embrace all of them {chokers were meant to stay in the 90's!}, I am loving the new shift back to the bohemian style.  I love all things boho right now and even decorated a boho bedroom on a budget last year. Say that three times fast! I am taking baby steps towards embracing the macrame trend, but I think I'm loving that too. In fact, I know I am! I'm not sure I could figure out all the complicated knots and techniques with real macrame, but I did manage to whip up a very basic macrame-esque wall hanging on some pieces of driftwood that even the most beginner of beginners could do. I think they would make a pretty rad wall hanging on their own or even a great backdrop for a photo booth or a party display. I've got the full tutorial so that you can whip up your own. Come check it out!

boho, neutrals, bohemian

Basic DIY Yarn and Driftwood Macrame Wall Hanging

boho, neutrals, bohemian,

I do love the craft store, but I usually steer clear of the yarn aisle. That's for knitters and I don't knit. So I was pleasantly surprised when I wandered down the aisles for the first time this past week and found skein after skein of beautiful yarn. I need to learn how to knit stat! Until then, I found another use for the yarn.

I picked up three different colors of neutral yarn that coordinated nicely together. I used the same brand {Vanna White from Michael's if you were wondering...who knew she did more than turn letters on Wheel of Fortune?} and cut a bunch of strings the same length, around 32" long. As I have mentioned before, driftwood is easy to come by on my area's beaches, so I used some I had collected on a previous beach trip. You won't want your driftwood to be too thick, but any length {the curvier the better!}, will work.

I just eye balled a pattern, but I did the same simple knot technique to adhere the yarn to my driftwood. Make sure you knot your yarn on the same side every time.

I took a piece of yarn and folded it in half. I placed the loop over the top of the driftwood and made a loop.

I pulled the loop over and under the driftwood and then took the long end of the strings and pulled them down through the loop.

Pull the loop tight and repeat the process.

I left a few inches on either side of the ends of the driftwood free of yarn. I did want to trim the ends and I decided to create a unique pattern. I folded a piece of paper into a triangle {this is when my husband walked in and wondered why I was making a paper airplane} and placed it at the bottom of my yarn.

I pressed the paper down to hold the yarn in place and used the edges as a guide to cut. It's OK if it's not perfect. It adds character.

I even inverted my triangle and cut it the other way on one of my other wall hangings to make them all a little different.

After I finished them, I hung them up on a cool vintage door.

boho, neutrals, bohemian

I think they make a really cool statement and could be used for all kinds of things. If you were throwing a boho themed wedding, how cool would these be as a backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of?

boho, neutrals, bohemian

They didn't take much time and I think they turned out really cool. Give them a try! Even a beginner can whip these out in no time!

boho, neutrals, bohemian

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7 comments said...

These are really cool. I used to make macrame hangers to put your plants in years ago. Look forward to trying this. Thanks for sharing.

StylishGeek said...

This DIY is one of the prettiest I have seen on what to do with yarn and a piece of drift wood! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

leslie said...

So cool! I wish I was more crafty. Unfortunately, my skills end in the kitchen! You make this look super simple though :)

Unknown said...

This is such an easy, fun craft that I could do with my kids! I can only imagine the designs they would come up with!

Kelly Reci said...

This is one nice macrame. It is also easy to do. So, why not do it and have a try?

Dogvills said...

Looks like a really easy craft to do. Definitely for beginners. I always wanted to learn macrame. I guess this would be a start. :)

Unknown said...

That is such a cute DIY wall hanging! I use to do a lot of crafts when I lived on the farm. Now in a small condo, it is super hard to do any sort of projects.

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