Kitchen Remodel Makeover Reveal

There aren't many shared spaces in a home that have more time spent in them than the kitchen. As a family that eats together nearly every night and shares most meals I know how much time I personally spend in the kitchen. It's so important to have a functional space to use. When you take on a kitchen remodel you have the opportunity to create a space that fits your families needs and reflects your lifestyle. Dea and Christian Rust have spent the past few years rehabbing a historic mansion in small town Indiana {scroll to the end of the post to see more of the rooms they have transformed} and they have just completed their kitchen remodel, one of the largest projects they have tackled to date. Read on to see why they get to do it all over again, after living with it completed for only two weeks.

But before that, come check out the beautiful transformation they have made in their home. I know that yesterday, I shared a little sneak peek into the remodel and shared some of the demo.

Let's take a glimpse again and see what the kitchen looked like before. Remember this home was built before electricity had even been invented! Kitchens were functional and utilitarian spaces not created to be entertaining hubs of the home the way they have evolved.
The light and bright space is exactly what this couple was hoping for.

Kitchen Remodel Makeover Reveal

The kitchen has 14 foot ceilings, and what better to reach them, than a custom library ladder. All of the cabinets are outfitted with the hardware to use the rolling ladder, even those in the butler's pantry. Any hard to reach storage can easily be accessed.

I have a long history with Delta Faucet. My dad started working in the factory and moved his was up through the years working in the headquarters and then later managing production facilities. It's the only job he had and the only company I ever knew. I have uncles who work in the factory still, my dad has numerous patents and I even spent my teen years working in customer service during the summers home from college.

To me, it's the only faucet company out there. I'm unimpressed with the others so when Dea asked me about faucets it was a natural recommendation and I love what she picked out! I'm jealous of the pot filler. That subway tile has flecks of gold that's hard to see, but it accents the faucets perfectly!

Fun little fact, the kitchen range is actually vented out the original kitchen fireplace that used to have a cook stove. Meals have been prepared in this space for more than a century!

The actual design process took upwards of a year, something that Dea had mostly already planned. The couple hired a local company {Weaver Fine Furnishings} to make the custom cabinets. It was amazing to see the couple literally deliver a load of wood and then watch them come together over a period of a few months. 

The kitchen island is a favorite, but they also love their appliance garage that hides their microwave at shelf height. There is a lot of organization that you don't see like pull out spice drawers on either side of the range, a knife drawer with cutting board storage underneath, stand up utensil drawers, and cookbook storage.

This couple entertains a fair amount hosting fundraising events and they are very excited about being able to have their butler's pantry stocked and easy to use during those events.

If you remember from yesterday's post, this space was most recently the downstairs bathroom, but it was transformed back to the original use it was intended for and is functioning as the butler's pantry as it did when the home was originally built.

The guest bath now also doubles as the mud room and offers storage for their seasonal items. 

The drawer hardware was sourced from several different places, and Dea had the cabinet maker complete them in the same finish that the ladder hardware is so that they formed a cohesive look. 

The original lights were spray painted and used again in the space. This couple does such a good job of sourcing locally and using and restoring as many pieces as they can to bring the home back to it's original state while still giving it a modern feel this young couple is comfortable in.

Sadly, two weeks after construction was complete, this happened. 
A contractor that was installing the water line to the refrigerator didn't tighten it and overnight, water leaked. The whole kitchen was damaged and the whole process will need to be done again. 

With a second total kitchen remodel in less than a year, I can only imagine the stress! However, the end result is going to be totally worth it. It ended up being such a beautiful space that will be a timeless addition to this couple's forever home. 

If you want to see more of the beautiful spaces this couple has created check these past remodels out. Simply click on the image to be taken to the post.



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Tomorrow, Dea is going to share some of the things she learned from doing a kitchen remodel. If you are considering a remodel in the near future {even if it isn't a kitchen}, you are going to want to read her tips!

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Kelly Reci said...

What an amazing transformation of this kitchen. I totally love these ideas, thisis perfect because I have a plan to renovate my kitchen this year.

Catvills said...

I would love to have a kitchen like that! I love all the white and the never ending storage! It just makes me sad that the water leak damaged the kitchen that you had to redo it again.

Ron Leyba said...

This is truly amazing! Love it. Love the transformation. Great design too!

Unknown said...

This is so gorgeous! I would love to have a kitchen like this. I love older homes that have been redone. What an amazing place to cook. That is so awful that it was ruined with the water. What a pain!

Lisa Rios said...

Holy moly that is the most glorious kitchen ever. I *LOVE* your library ladder, and everything.

krystal said...

The stove and cabinets are my favorite part. It is so bright and cheerful!

Tonia said...

Thuan kitchen is a dream kitchen. I love everything about it. #LifeGoals

Caits Cozy Corner said...

im happy to move in tomorrow ;) i love the library ladder!!

Vivian said...

Holy!!! This looks exactly like my dream kitchen... the white cabinets and marble tile.... this is amazing!

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