Lessons Learned from a Kitchen Remodel

I think that it's so important that we learn from other people. I want to hear from other people's experiences and take their advice and use what I need in many situations of my life, but I think that it can be most helpful when we tackle any kind of improvement project, self improvement or otherwise. While these lessons learned from a custom kitchen remodel may not make you into a better person, they may save your sanity and offer you some good tips to getting the best results if you are tackling a large remodeling project.

Lessons Learned from a Kitchen Remodel

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Find a Pro
This couple tackles a lot of their DIY projects on their own rarely hiring outside help. Some projects though, need a pro. Consider asking around to friends and family to find recommendations and consult several professionals in your area before finding one that you want to tackle the job. 

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Work Alongside the Pro's

Know your skill level. If you are more of a hindrance than a help, your project will take longer and your help won't be welcome. However, if you actually provide some skill, ask if you can watch or work alongside the pros. You may just learn a new skill.

The couple had radiant heat ceilings installed in their kitchen. This was a new technique neither of the homeowners had tackled before. They watched, helped and worked alongside the installer and now feel confident tackling this DIY project on their own if they choose to use this method in the future throughout their home.

Decide What Matters

Both of the homeowners got what they wanted out of a kitchen. Their custom features were all part of the design plan, but there was a bit of a compromise, so be willing to make concessions and stick to your guns on those things that matter.

For instance, Dea wanted the microwave in the island, but Christian didn't want to bend over to use the appliance every time. They ended up deciding to create an appliance garage that houses the microwave at counter height {Christian's want} but it's still hidden {Dea's want}.

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Keep an Open Mind

The professionals you are selecting for the job have probably seen it all. You may have an opinion and think you want one thing, but the professional has some expertise or you wouldn't have hired them.

Christian and Dea thought they had the perfect stain color selected for the floors, but when the flooring contractor showed them the sample it seemed dull to them. Christian looked at the pro and said show me what you think should be on these floors. It wasn't something this couple would have ever considered, but it was the best decision for the home and they love it.

Make Connections

A brief connection was made years ago when the couple met someone that was employed with an appliance manufacturer. They kept their number and didn't hesitate to call up to see if they could cash in on that friends and family discount that was offered to them years prior. They saved a significant amount of money and were glad they were able to get the appliances they wanted at a fraction of the retail cost.

Hand Off Management

Having a full time job and managing contractors is the one thing that Dea said she would do differently. After the kitchen flooded just two weeks after completion {see this post}, the homeowner said that the only thing she was planning on doing differently on the second round of the kitchen remodel was to hand off the management of the construction. Remodeling is stressful enough, why not pass off what you can when you can. 

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Be Patient

A remodel of any size is going to take time. Be patient and be prepared for the long haul. Prepare yourself for extra expenses and time delays. Both are inevitable!

Have you ever taken on a remodel? What did you learn? I'd love to hear it in the comments.
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Unknown said...

Great tips! We have renovated a lot in a few different homes we have had, and in the middle of it all, I always think, we should have hired someone else to do this. It is just impossible when my husband and I both have jobs, and we always run into unexpected problems. It is better to do your research and have a pro handle it.

mail4rosey said...

Learning how to do radiant heat ceilings on your own is pretty awesome. You can learn so much just by observation.

Catvills said...

These are great tips. We all want to cut costs and try our hand at renovation. However, not everything is as easy as it seems. My husband and I first decide what needs renovation in our house, then we do our research as to costing. After we have an idea, then we hire a professional.

Kelly Reci said...

Really great tips and reminders.It's really hard to decide what are the best plan and materials to be use,especially we are considering our budget and time. It's always better to hire a pro to do a remodel. It's stressful, and we really need to be patient.

Heather Jones said...

We are going through this right now with an entire house and I'm glad that I am listening to the pros. There were to something I wanted, but after listening I realized how it would look if I had both gray cabinets and gray walls. So we are going back to antique white cabinets. It's definitely worth opening your mind up to. Especially if you are not the expert.

Ron Leyba said...

Great lessons and tips too. What an amazing renovation and transformation indeed. Love it!

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