DIY Leather Glasses Case Plus Shopping With Kids for Glasses

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I got glasses in third grade. The frames were brown and kind of leopard spotted and my mom let me pick out a decal to put on the lens. I selected a lion because, well....I'm not sure why. My eyes continued to get worse and every few years I would have to replace my glasses. Picking out the frames was so hard! I remember that much. I didn't love the selection 30+ years ago and quite honestly, when you can't really see and everything is blurry, even your reflection in the mirror, it's hard to make your best choice. In junior high I picked out what I thought was a pretty awesome pair of glasses with wire frames. What no one told me was that those frames were actually boys frames. Seriously. In junior high. Why did no one tell me? Actually, people did tell me, just too late... after I already bought them and there was no replacing them because hundreds of dollars later that's why.

So I get it. Shopping for glasses is hard.

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Wearing glasses as a kid sets you apart at a time when you really don't want to be set apart. However, not seeing isn't a better option! So picking out and making a statement with your frames is something we can help our kids roll with. There are so many great options now and I've got a great deal for you so you can find affordable frames and lenses just in time for back to school. I also have a great DIY tutorial so you and your child can protect your glasses with a fun leather case you can make together. Come check it out!

So your child needs glasses..what next? 

JCPenny optical, glasses, kids, teenager, Stadium high school, tacoma

Like I mentioned before, I struggled to find frames that I was comfortable in when I was a kid. Remember that was 30+ years ago. So much has changed! Thankfully there are a lot of options and knowledgeable staff that can help.

I have an optometrist that I have a long history with. He knows my eyes and understands how my genes can affect my kids, so while I see him for my exams, I always take our prescriptions elsewhere to fill them because his specialty location is PRICEY!

JCPenney Optical is the place to go for the latest eye wear trends for the whole family. Which is a good thing since 4 of the 5 of us have prescriptions for our eyes!

Not only does JCPenney Optical have the latest trends, they also have affordable prices. Right now you can find back to school glasses for kids starting ta $39.99!

JCPenny optical, glasses, kids, teenager, Stadium high school, tacoma

When you aren't wearing your glasses, it's important to have a safe place to store them. This DIY leather glasses case is the perfect place and it's something you and your kids can make together.

DIY Leather Glasses Case Tutorial

JCPenny optical, glasses, kids, teenager, Stadium high school, tacoma

I keep calling this leather, but really it's just pleather from my local fabric store. I had some leftover from this project.

I made two variations on this glasses case, the one on the right that is the simple stitch will be the easiest one to make. The envelope case will be a little trickier, but both are beginner projects.

You will need:

snaps {for the envelope case}

For the rectangle case, start by cutting a piece of fabric that is 7" x 6 1/2". Make sure your edges are straight. Fold the wrong edges together and stitch around the outside leaving the top open to slip your glasses into.

For the envelope case, cut a piece of fabric that is 7" wide by 9" tall. Fold the bottom up three inches and hold it in place. Then find the center at the top where the flap is and measure over 3 1/2" from the top. Use a straight edge on both sides to form the point. Don't be intimidated by snaps. I got pretty good at them on this DIY infinity scarf I made. Just follow the directions on the package of snaps. It's really easy and you will be adding them to everything!

That's it!

This is such a great beginner sewing project you can make with your child and now this stylish new case can hold your stylish new glasses when you aren't wearing them!

JCPenny optical, glasses, kids, teenager, Stadium high school, tacoma

You can share your favorite back to school picture in the JCPenney Optical Back to School Photo Contest and enter to win some awesome prizes! Extra credit if your picture has a child in glasses.

JCPenny optical, glasses, kids, teenager, Stadium high school, tacoma

Are you ready for back to school? We are!

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StylishGeek said...

Those spectacles really look chic on you! I have not actually tried JC Penney Optical, but I am curious. I wear glasses too but I am so particular that they frame my face really well. I need a new pair so I have to check them out!

Jen Temcio said...

You are so crafty!! I need a new eye test to get a new prescription. My son told me that he thinks he needs an eye exam too. We might be making two cases.

bianca said...

My daughter wears contacts but needs a backup of glasses. I really wish we had a JcPenney nearby because this is a great deal!

krystal said...

What an awesome DIY! always lose my glasses cases so this would be fun to make my own. Maybe I wouldn't lose it! ;)

Unknown said...

This is such a cool DIY project. I don't wear glasses, but I would love to make one of these for my sunglasses. What a great craft idea!

MrsTee said...

This is such a fun idea!! This year all three of my younger kiddies are wearing glasses. They all officially have Mom's eyes.. LOL I think they would get a kick out of making their own cases. Thanks so much for sharing!

Our Family World said...

Me and my youngest son both wear glasses. I could always go for contact lenses, but I just can't bring myself to stick those little things in my eyes. I will look at JCPenney Optical. I could use a new pair, and my son would need to have his lenses re-adjusted too.

Chei said...

Oh this glasses looks so good. Too bad there is no JCPenny Optical here in Philippines.

FortheLoveofFood said...

What a fun DIY project! Love those stylish glasses.

kim said...

Loving the glasses you and your daughter chose! I will definitely have to check out JCPenny Optical next time my son needs glasses.

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