Easily and Painlessly Remove Silly Putty from Hair

This isn't something I ever thought I would have to write about, but silly putty and slime are big around my house and earlier this week an unnamed child walked through the door after school distraught. "Mom, you've got to help me." he said. I jumped into action. Turns out, this unnamed child had a handful of silly putty and forgot it was in his hands before he reached back to scratch his head. The whole thing sounds fishy to me. This is the same kid who put our whole five pound bag of silly putty around his brand new sneaker thinking he could use it as a mold. He could not. Regardless, this child had a hair full of silly putty and he needed to get it out.
This is probably nothing you will ever encounter, but if you do, tuck this away. I was able to easily and painlessly remove silly putty from his hair in under 10 minutes with this magic ingredient you probably have in your cupboard. If you don't, you need to get it in there STAT!

How to Easily and Painlessly Remove Silly Putty from Hair

I don't know why, but I immediately reached for the coconut oil in my cabinet.  That stuff is crazy good for darn near everything. If you don't have a jar in your cupboard, get one in there now. You can use it for everything from cooking, to dog deodorant for your smelly dog to silly putty hair removal.
As you can see, there was a HUGE glob of silly putty in this kiddos hair. The coconut oil literally dissolved it. It even removed any sticky residue that you think might remain. And it took only a few minutes of rubbing coconut oil on the affected area to remove it. As you can see, there are still silly putty particles in the hair, they just are no longer sticky.
We then washed all the coconut oil and silly putty out of his hair and I shampooed it for him to make sure I got it all out. If you don't, repeat the process until it's all gone.
Seriously you guys, this is like black magic sorcery how good it worked to remove it. So good, that I had to take pictures of it and immediately write a blog post in case any of you run into this same predicament. You're welcome. I'm not sure if it will work for other surfaces, but heck, it dissolved it in hair, so it's worth a try.

Haven't had enough with slime? Want to try the easiest clear slime recipe out there? Try this one from A Subtle Revelry. 

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This type of clever work and reporting!

Keep up the great works guys I've included you guys to
my blogroll.

Mrs. Parisian said...

This worked so great! My daughter had gotten it stuck in her long hair and I was thinking we would have to cut it out. The coconut oil worked like a dream! Thanks for the awesome tip!

Raquel said...

It worked! Thank you!

Dave said...

4 year old - “Dad, wake up, some silly putty somehow got in my hair even though I was sleeping!”

You’re a life saver, thanks!

Potpie said...

You are a lifesaver! At 2:10am my daughter wakes me up with “please don’t get mad but….I have putty in my hair!! It was hard not to lose it on her! She fell asleep with it in her hand. Bedding and clothes ruined, but thankfully to your post not her hair! I am so grateful for your post, it worked like magic! Thank you, thank you. —Brittney

Elizabeth S said...

2023 and this was such a miracle!! Came out in no time! Thank you so much for the information!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Worked like a dream!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a 4 year old who took some of my sticky tack and decided to go to sleep with it. I would've tried mayo but I used coconut oil per your article and it worked great. She also benefited from an all day hair mask which I don't need to wash off until evening. Thank you for sharing the tip.

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