A little tweak

Yesterday on my What I Wore Wednesday post, I started giving you some of my best garage sale tips for finding cheap clothes for the whole family. Another tip is to not be afraid of a little work. If something doesn't fit, don't be afraid to alter it to make it work.
See this post about pants I altered to fit me, and this to see how to hem your jeans. And if the altering doesn't turn out the way you wanted, you really aren't out a whole lot of money now are you?
Case in point, this cream colored Hollister sweater. I know Hollister doesn't make kids clothing, but man do they shrink! My daughter is eight but she's a wee little peanut. She typically wears a size 5. I bought this sweater knowing the sleeves were going to be a little long on her but the rest seems to fit just fine, don't you think?

I started off by having her try the sweater on and then marked where I wanted to cut off. I still wanted to leave a little length on them because I think that one day she may just grow...maybe. I used the extra fabric to make a little flower, just to spice it up a bit.

See, easy peasy, and for only 50 cents, totally worth trying to make it work for her.


Unknown said...

The little flower is sweet...Great idea...

Mommyhood Mayhem said...

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Renée said...

Love what you do! My grandma used to say, "You wear it once and it's USED" and that's true. Picking up used goods and making them work is just a fabulous gift to your family.

Janel said...

Wow! you do have a little peanut - my daughter is 3 and wears a size xs 4/5 - seriously! she's super skinny so everything has to be adjustable waist, but she is so tall! some of her 4T jeans from last year are too short! crazy!

Love the adjustment on this sweater!

One of these days I will get up early enough to garage sale! hahahaha - who am I kidding!

DeeAnna said...

Love it! I swear I have tried on clothes and thought who would this fit a 5 year old? It turns out it's true! What a cute little one and the sweater is adorable!! Nice work!

Sarah said...

Hi, I love your blog & am now following you!


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