What I wore Wednesday 8

Welcome to another version of What I Wore Wednesday-Garage sale edition. This week, I will be throwing in some tips on how to find your own treasures at garage sales and decrease your clothing budget.
To score your own garage sale finds, it seems obvious, but you have to actually GO to garage sales. I've had lots of people say to me, that they never get any good deals at garage sales, problem is, they never go. I love garage sales, so I don't mind hitting them on Friday (with the kids) and Saturdays (by myself when I can).
Just this week I found this brand new t-shirt for me for $1. I also picked up several items that I knew had good resale value and have sold them on craigslist. Sort of like my own consignment shop. If I can buy someones trash for $2 and sell it for $50, why not? That cash from the sales is what continues to pay for my weekly trips garage saleing.

Let me start with what I wore this week:
Green gap shirt: $2
Seven Jeans: $10
(yep, designer jeans at a fraction of the cost!)
total: $12

Mustard t-shirt-Forever 21: 50 cents
Self Esteem sweatshirt blazer: 50 cents
Joes Jeans: $10
Purse: $2
Old Navy peep toe shoes: $1
Total: $14

Nordstrom brand shirt: $2
Pants-The Limited: $1
Total: $3

If you notice, especially in past posts (check it out on my side bar), I wear the same pants more often than the same shirts. Actually, you would be hard pressed to find me wearing the same outfit twice if you look at past posts. I think it happened once...go look, I dare you! In the past, I will buy more expensive jeans/pants (for me that's usually around $40 from the store, or in the case of the super garage sale I found this summer $10 for two pairs of designer jeans) because I know I will get more wear out of them, than say a more expensive shirt.
More than 90% of our whole families wardrobe is from garage sales. There are some things that you just need to buy from the store. Underwear being one of them. Workout gear or speciality sports clothing is another. If you stop me on any given day, you will usually find the whole family wearing at least one thing from a garage sale.
Case in point: this past Saturday. We were all in the backyard playing, and I stopped myself because I realized from head to toe, EVERYONE was in garage sale clothing.

Here's my Owen. He picked out his own outfit, and I wasn't digging the shirt so I only photographed the bottom half of him.
brown pants: 50 cents
Gap shoes: $1
Shirt (not shown): 25 cents
Total: $1.75

My sweet middle child, Isabella, was out sun bathing....it might have hit 68 degrees...a true Pacific North westerner!
Target brand bathing suit: $1

My hubby was even dressed in garage sale duds. He's the hardest of the bunch to find things for.
Aeropostale shirt: $1
INC jeans: $3
Total: $4

And for as long as I can, I will continue to buy my middle schoolers clothes at garage sales. I think I get some pretty cool and trendy stuff. I can usually find the brands he likes and thankfully he's got a uniform at school so he doesn't need too much.
aeropostale shirt: $1
jeans: $1

Check out these Converse shoes (yep, real converse) for 50 cents!
Total: $2.50
Not bad for a back to school outfit.
So the first step to finding great deals, stop wishing and start shopping...at garage sales!


Unknown said...

Can't say enough how much I enjoy your garage sale fashion posts. Loving that outfit with the mustard purse!

Unknown said...

I'm with Stephanie, I love these posts too. And I love that mustard bag outfit too! I haven't gone to a garage sale in almost 20 years for whatever reason, I go to Good Will all the time. I don't even bother looking for clothes for myself there because I never find anything, but we get my 11 yo daughter shirts there all the time. We never go without finding at least four Hollister or Aeropostle shirts. We pay about $4 for them, which is still way over what you pay, but I'm happy that Han understands it's a bargain compared to what she would pay at the mall. She found a practically brand new pair of Converse, just like she'd been wanting, for $3 the other day. She was so happy. I just hope this lasts and the dreaded fear of being caught dead in something from GW never arrives. :-)

~ The Speckled Dog

Beth said...

I love it when I find great items at garage sales. Love all your stuff.

M.O.T.B said...

We are the same way! I love the stuff I find, have a garage sale skirt on today in fact! New follower:)

Justine said...

WOW! Designer jeans for $10?! I am definitely jealous. Nice finds!

Just Better Together

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

That mustard colored bag is gorgeous! I guess I might have better luck if I went to garage sales, but every time I do it seems like people are just trying to sell junk. You have great finds though!

Sherri said...
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Sherri said...

You have me beat! I love the mustard outfit! I don't find as much at Yard Sales as I do the Goodwill. But my co-workers can't believe I wear Liz, Gap, NY Co, etc to work for almost nothing. Really love the half off tags! I've started posting what I am wearing to work and those finds also. I call them my Goodwill Glamorous clothes. giggles. Makes me happier than spending a bundle at the Mall!

Dawn Lopez said...

You are awesome! I totally love this!

I am your newest follower! Hope you will come visit us at www.justmarriedwithcoupons.com

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Great finds! I love the mustard outfit.

Ladii said...

new follower from Buzz on By Thursday check out my Blog

great deals thanks for sharing!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Wow, that is amazing what you found! http://ourhomeschoolreviews.blogspot.com/2010/09/thrifty-thursday.html

DeeAnna said...

Amazing finds!!! My entire family is decked out in Goodwill clothes. I'm not good at garage sales, but I'm a G-Dub junkie!

~Dawn~ said...

LOVE your blog. Glad I stopped by.

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

Holly Do. said...

You inspire me...I garage sale every Sat. and have just started going through the "clothes piles." I will now start looking deeper into those piles!

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