What I Wore Wednesday 10

Welcome to another week of What I Wore Wednesday-Garage sale edition. I take pictures of the outfits that I wore through the week and hopefully it will motivate you to dig into that pile of clothes at the next garage sale you go to and not just walk past it.

I started the weekend by wearing:
Purple hoodie-Free People: $1
Black shirt-Aeropostale: 50 cents
Capri's: Target (bought years ago)
Total: $1.50
I took a close up of the sweatshirt because I love the detail on it. Know what it is? Ribbons turned backwards and sewn on. So crafty!

On Sunday I celebrated my oldest son's 12th birthday at Jump Sky High. A super fun indoor trampoline warehouse center.

Long sleeve white shirt-Aeropostale: $1
Black shirt-Energie: 50 cents
Red plaid vest-Target: $1
Jeans-Vigoss: Nordstrom
Total for the tops: $2.50

A day of running errands
Cream sweater-Hollister: $1
Orange tank-Nordstrom: $1
Joes Jeans: $10
Uggs: $3
Total: $15

Yep, real Uggs, from a garage sale...for $3! I found them last summer and am glad I didn't pay retail for them.

And since so many of you said there was no age limit on leggings, I decided to pull them out again. I hope you all aren't steering me wrong!
Grey shirt: 50 cents
Striped shirt-Aerie: $1
Total: $2.50

And another year of BSF started. I'm excited to dig into Isaiah and see what God reveals to me this year.
Blue sweater-Gap:$1
Seven Jeans: $10
Total: $11

I'm linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy


Loui♥ said...

Your outfits are cool..comfy and inexpensive..
Most all of mine come from Goodwill..
bought on 50% off everything in the store!!
and jeans on that day..$.99!!!
I shop Goodwill for many reasons..
the store I shop is VERY clean and neat.
quality merchandise at affordable prices..
and we are helping someone else less fortunate to have a job!
I never do retail again unless a quick trip to Target!
and then when I'm done with the items, I simply return them to Goodwill for a tax deduction..
Nuff said!!

Justine said...

GREAT steal on the uggs and the Joe jeans!

Just Better Together

Mitz said...

Seriously, I love a good deal!! You look adorable and I love that Hollister sweater, cute!

Abby said...

Love it! Thrifting a wardrobe is the best!

Michele said...

I'm amazed by your good deals! Very impressive! Great style!

Unknown said...

I love it!! Awesome garage sale finds!

Ruth H. said...

Okay, I watch for your linkevery Wednesday, now. I'm always totally blown away by your finds! I'm seriously going to start hitting the garage sales. I have to ask, though, do you find more of a selection in particular sizes (smaller vs. larger?) and do you pick and choose the neighborhoods that you go to for sales, or can you find this kind of stuff anywhere? Please dish!

M.O.T.B said...

My girlfriends were talking last night about shoes and I said I just couldn't pay 70-100 dollars for one pair. Then I whipped out the cutest black stilettos I found for $3!!!! Love yard sales!

The Burrough 7 said...

HI- I just wanted you to know I absolutely LOVE your blog. In fact, I sat on your blog the other day until I finished reading every blog you have posted. You have inspired me to create my own blog. It's called 2many2pick1.blogspot.com. I just started it but also I wanted you to know I have linked your blog all over my blog because I think everyone should know about how creative you are!
I have copied some of your ideas! I can't wait to try out more things you have done! -Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing!

Johnna Brunenkant said...

You are adorable and so inspiring. We moved to help with a church plant a year ago and my wardrobe funds used to come almost solely from my mom who would take me shopping with her all the time. Now that we live so far away, and my husband is making about a third of what our income used to be, I haven't been able to supplement my wardrobe in a year. I just recently started hitting up the thrift stores, but I think I'll hit the garage sales and see what I can come up with!
Blessings to you.

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