What I Wore Wednesday 11

Welcome to another week of What I Wore Wednesday-Garage Sale edition. I'm linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy and with Megan at Meet Virginia
First up, this amazing dress. I nearly passed it up at a garage sale this weekend when my friend Heidi told me she thought I should get it. I am glad I listened to her. It fit perfectly!
Boots: Clarks bought on clearance years ago
Total: $1

I wore this hanging out at home with the kids this weekend
Grey and white sweater-Gap: $1
Jeans-Silver brand: $1
Scarf tutorial here
Total: $2

I ran some errands on Monday and this is what I wore:
Long sleeve layering shirt-Gilly Hicks: bought years ago
Cream Sweater-Target: $1
Jeans-Seven (easily becoming my favorites): $10
Total: $11

I had a school meeting so I wore
Navy button down shirt: 50 cents
Pants-American Eagle: $2
Total: $2.50

But I ran errands earlier in the day and threw on this coat
Coat-Old Navy: $1

I was trying to get better lighting for this picture so I took it in my sons room. Looks like I need to clean the mirror!
Dress-Tommy Bahama: $3
Leggings-Lucy: $7.99 (clearance!)

Some of you have asked for my garage sale tips on how to find clothes for yourself at garage sales. My first tip is: Don't be afraid to look through the clothes. I think we often get overwhelmed when we see a stack of clothes on a tarp and don't want to dig through them. Just do it. You never know what you will find. I can often tell if I will find anything by just doing a quick run through, and holding up a few items (is there women's clothing, are the clothes my size, do I like what I see so far?) if you can answer those questions with a yes then spend some time looking.

Also, another tip, ask how much they want for clothes before you start digging. I don't like to pay more than a dollar for most things, unless I love them. I get much pickier if I have to pay more, so ask first. I use this tip more on kids clothes than on women's clothing, but it does save time. If I know I don't want to buy a pair of jeans for my son for $5 at a garage sale, I won't bother looking. If the clothes are $1 a piece (or less) then I start looking.

If you have a pile of stuff, add the items up in your head first, then come up with a price you are willing to offer. Most people would rather get rid of more items than just one and are willing to make a deal. For example, I have 13 items at 50 cents a piece, I would typically go up to the seller and say I have 13 things here, would you take $5? Most of the time the seller will negotiate when you buy in bulk.

Know what brands you like and what fits you. I know that Banana Republic pants don't fit me well. I know that I can wear a kids XL in some brands and a woman's M in another. I also know my altering skills and what I am capable of making work if I like it enough. I know that Abercrombie kids clothes have a little a on their label and a big A on their adult clothing. I know popular brands and what resells in consignment shops just in case something doesn't fit you and you want to go that route and recoup your money.

Those are just a few of my tips. Feel free to send me any questions you have and I am happy to answer them. Happy shopping!


Molly B said...

I'm a fellow garage sale/thrift store junkie. . .love your tips, love your style!

Jordan said...

Love them all! :-)

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Crafty Housewife said...

I am just recently starting to look for clothes at yard sales and thrift stores so I definitely appreciate the tips! Thanks!

Jamie VanDyke said...

I've totally got the green eye right now. You're so stylish and thrifty!

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

So so so super fun! And I am in love with the amazing deals you got! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope to see you next week!


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Justine said...

That $1 dress in the first picture looks great on you! We don't have many garage sales around my neighborhood :(

Just Better Together

Ruth H. said...

Thanks for the tips! I've been wondering how you do it.

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