What I Wore Wednesday 9

Welcome to another week of What I Wore Wednesday-Garage Sale edition. I sort of slacked a bit on the pictures this week, but I do have a few to share.
Isn't this Silver Coat the cutest? I got it for $4 at my neighbor's garage sale.

I paired it with my
purple sweater-$1
Seven Jeans-$10
I actually got a picture of me on the first day of school.
Grey boat neck shirt: $1
Jeans-Vigoss from Nordstrom (not from a garage sale)
Necklace: $1

Green shirt-Target: 50 cents
White layering shirt-Aeropostale: $1
Khaki's-Abercrombie and Fitch: $1
total: $2.50

It actually got really warm that afternoon, so I changed into a dress that I bought that morning at a garage sale. I actually bought it because it matched the exact shirt that my daughter wore to school that day. I was planning on using it to add a matching skirt for her...not for me! But it fit, and I thought Bella would get a kick out of being matchy matchy.

Dress-Hype (Macy's brand): $1

Grey Sweater-Ann Taylor: 50 cents
Seven Jeans: $10
Grey shoes: Nordstrom Rack (not full price, but not a garage sale either)

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McKell said...

ok. i'm in LOVE with that silver jacket! i never find cute clothes at yard sales. darling!! love how you take pics of what you are wearing :)

awesome you got the same bird cage! don't you just love it?! the bottom of mine comes up so you can put stuff inside. maybe yours does too? you should try it out.

jules said...

I can't believe you got all that loot at a garage sale AND it fits! Score!!

Mandy England said...

What amazing deals!! The hubs and I scored on a sweet garage sale this weekend... or really, I should say I scored since I don't think anything was for him, lol :]
I think that jacket is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Cambria said...

I am stopping over from Pleated Poppy and I am amazed at what you are able to find at garage sales! Such cute outfits, especially that coat. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love that dress!

shadylanestyle said...

Such cute finds a garage sales. I'm on the hunt to find a new neighborhood for garage sales.

Olivia said...

Love this! The silver jacket is amazing!

Mommy Moxie said...

Yes, the silver jacket is to die for!

Kathleen said...

Um, yup that silver jacket is fantastic. I also love the red, white, and blue dress.

Paige said...

I NEVER find deals at garage sales. I love your style.

My daughter would have been all over matching outfits for the two of us! :) Love it!


Denise said...

i need to come garage sale in your neck of the woods! every outfit is FABULOUS!

Katie said...

LOVE that jacket!!

BrettBMartin said...

i'm GFC following from buzz on by thurs

summer said...

eeek! your finds are uh-mazing! stumbled upon you from the WIWW link-up- I never find anything this fabulous at garage sales (maybe it's my dreary Idaho location) or my lack of patience for digging! I cannot believe the deal you got on those jeans!

Rachel said...

That dress you bought is so cute!

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