My Master Bedroom Needs a Makeover!

Did you all catch my post last week of my master bedroom tour ? The one where I bad mouthed my husband (who I might add, reads my blog daily but won't for whatever reason commit to being a follower...jeesh!) and let you in on a little tour of my half done (screaming for a makeover) room?

Oh, you missed it? So did my husband. And after I spent the day feeling guilty and then apologized to him for my post where I bad mouthed him to the world (o.k., not the world, just you guys), he then felt compelled to read it. So then I really had to apologize but it was a half apology because let's be honest, he really does stink at doing the things on my honey do list.

ANYWAY, I am begging for you to vote for me in Mandi's Vintage Revivals Epic Room Makeover Contest.

It's the perfect time to focus on our room and making something special for us as we celebrate 13 years of wedded bliss. (Really, it may not seem that way from my previous post, but's true). Each year just keeps getting better and I am thankful for our marriage and the fact that we have really beaten all the odds that were stacked against us.

It only takes a second. Head on over and vote for #71. Thanks!!!

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Christa said...

Just voted! Good luck and hope you win!

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