Canning has always intimidated me. It seemed so time consuming and there were so many terms that I didn't understand like hot water bath...what the heck is that? One term I did know that is associated with canning is botulism. I thought for sure if anyone could screw it up and give her whole family botulism, it could be me!

But under the helpful tutelage of one of my dear friends, we spent the good part of a morning and afternoon canning 28 jars of salsa.

We had 2 huge pots boiling side by side with the freshly chopped ingredients.

There were three of us (the more the merrier!), and we had quite the system for filling jars

screwing lids and mixing pots

While I thought all canning was done in a pressure cooker, I quickly learned that there were lots of ways that you could can. This propane tank and boiler, were what we used.

We lost one soldier in the line of duty. The top popped off and it was quite sad.

While there is a lot of work to be done, the time spent with friends made it all seem to go so quickly. I left feeling like a true Pioneer woman! And maybe just a little bit more like an adult. Because really, to me, only adults can. And I canned.


Chips and salsa anyone?
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