15 minute Workout

Once I turned 30, I started to get serious about fitness.
Working out has become a huge part of my daily schedule 
but some days my schedule doesn't allow me to make it to the gym.
 But I still want to workout.

This week I will share with you a few of my favorite at-home workouts that are 
quick, easy and don't take require a lot of equipment.

I use this leg/butt workout for a quick 15 minute at-home sweat session.
I promise you will be sore the next day!

On Wednesday, I will share with you my arms workout that I add to this
 legs/butt workout if I have more time.

Don't forget to put on your sweaty band knock off!
You will need it!

November means I'm one more month closer to my girlfriend's trip to Hawaii!
No hibernating in bulky sweaters for me this winter!
Hopefully, you will "pin" this workout and fight the urge to hibernate too!


Andrea@Familyconnect said...

I really struggle to exercise much in winter - hibernation is just too tempting!

Chelle said...

Due to a back injury, I have not worked out in a year & a half!! :( This looks like a GREAT place to start! I am walking a bit, 3-4 times a week & feel pretty good so far. I used to run, 5-6 miles a day 6 days a week & work out w/ weights 5 days a week & was pretty darn fit. Then this back thing crept up & b4 you know it, I am falling apart after work & on so much meds I either CANT work out due to pain or so drugged I am a living room fixture!! I so want to get back into it SLOWLY so I may NOT do all of this at one time but I will try my best to do at least half!!! Wish me luck & thanks!!!

Riva said...

This is just awesome!! I LOVE these types of workouts!! Thanks for posting!! :)

Lily Bean said...

this is perfect because i have such a tight schedule these days but have bee searching for the perfect work out to fit in
only problem is i don't speak the language and have no idea what these excercises are. =( i will have to look them up
thanks for the tips!

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