Twine wrapped dollar store carrots

Twine wrapped dollar store carrots

It's no secret that I like twine.
I used it in October to make twine wrapped pumpkins.
If I see twine at a garage sale I usually pick it up.
You can always find something to do with it!
So when I saw syrofoam cones at the Dollar Store the other day I picked them 
up and immediately thought carrots wrapped in twine.  

And here they are!
For about $1 a piece, you can make your own twine wrapped carrots too!

Here are the supplies that I used:
styrofoam cone
faux leaves from a plant I had in my craft closet
wire cutters, for the plant leaves
hot glue gun and glue

 I started by poking a hole in the top of the styrofoam base and pushed my plant end in.
Some of the plants are harder to push in, so you may need a wooden skewer to help you make a hole first, and then push the stem in after.

I then started at the tip putting hot glue at the base and began wrapping my twine around, 
making it as pointy as possible.

I continued wrapping around my styrofoam base up the sides.

Once you get to the top, just keep wrapping the twine in as best as you can to fill the space.

That's it!
I love Dollar Store crafts!

Now my table has a centerpiece for Easter!
How do you decorate for Easter?


One More Time Events said...

So Cute Rachel! Would love it if you came by and shared it at One More Time Events...

Going to make these for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

These are perfect! I'm making the lettuce that Danni of Silo Hill Farm blog posted about. Now I'll have some carrots to match!

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