Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 45

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you some of my favorite garage sale finds from previous weeks.

A few weeks ago, I had a major score.
I love old crocks.
Not sure why, they are just such cool pieces of pottery.

I loved this one more because it's from Indiana.
The land I called home for 21 years of my life.
Way out here in Washington, we don't get a lot of Indiana relics.

See that 12 on there?
That's because it's 12 gallons.
And it's heavy!
Like at least 50 pounds heavy.

It still has the original handles, which are super hard to come by.
It's a very rare piece.
Want to guess how much I paid for it?

$10!  That's it!
I'm guessing it will fetch upwards of $200 if I can sell it.
I think that's a pretty good return on my investment, don't you?
Do you garage sale shop to resell?
Or do you keep everything you buy?

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Unknown said...

I wish you lived near me!! My grandpa passed away last year and we have HUNDREDS of red wing crocks that we've been practically giving away because he had so many! We even had a bunch of little ones (not sure if they're red wing) that our aunts spray painted (gasp! but there were seriously that many!) and monogrammed for each of the 16 grandchildren last year. I do love them though! I use them to hold my dishwashing supplies, bathroom stuff, umbrellas.. lol everywhere:)

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