Holy Craft sew along-sewing pillowcases for kids with cancer

For the past four years, I have been participating with my friend Paula in a thing she calls
Paula's Pillowcase Project.
Several years ago, Paula's oldest son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma.
While Gary was being treated at Children's Hospital in Seattle, the itchy scratchy hospital pillowcases were downright uncomfortable for a bald kid going through chemo.

Once Gary was finished going through treatment, Paula started Paula's Pillowcase Project with some soft flannel fabric purchased on black Friday and cut and stitched with loving hands from her friends in the community.

This past year, after a weekend of sewing our buns off as Paula likes to say, the team of volunteers completed 222 pillowcases.
I have shared with my blog readers a recap of the event, and every year, I get people expressing their desire to want to help in some way.

Well, look no further!
You too can help.

I am excited to launch my first very first Holy Craft sew along!

We will be making pillowcases for kids with cancer to be distributed at  Children's Hospital in Seattle.

On Wednesday, I will have a full tutorial for you on how to sew flannel pillowcases for this great cause.
Here is what you need to do to be ready for Wednesday.

 7/8 yard main flannel fabric
3/8 of coordinating wide trim in flannel
and 1/8 of coordinating narrow trim in flannel

Of course, if you want to double {or triple} these amounts, 
since you are already at the fabric store, feel free!

Pre wash your material by Wednesday and you are ready to go!
Please share this event with your friends.
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We want to get as many pillowcases sent to Paula to deliver at Children's as we can.
I would love to take that 2013 total from 222 to 300!
Think we can do it?

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