How to make custom t-shirts with heat transfer material

I love my silhouette machine.
One of my favorite things to make with it, are custom t-shirts.
As any good sorority girl knows, if you don't have a t-shirt, it didn't happen!

My parents are gathering my siblings and I in Gatlinburg, TN this summer for a family reunion.
They asked me if I would make t-shirts for the whole family for the event.

I received this heat transfer starter kit from the lovely people at Silhouette.
It included all these great things inside:
an idea/instruction book
3 12x9 sheets of smooth heat transfer material
2 12x9 sheets of flocked heat transfer material
10 exclusive heat transfer designs
instructional DVD
Silhouette hook tool

I started by opening up my Silhouette software.
I designed my event logo using various font sizes

The most important thing to remember is to mirror your image horizontally!

Since I had multiple shirts to make, I made a copy of the image, so that it would cut out several on one page.
Feed your heat transfer material into your machine shiny side down without a carrier sheet.

Once your image is cut, weed away the part of the transfer paper that you don't need.

I used the Silhouette weeding tool to remove some of the smaller details.

Once you weed out your image, place it face down {with the shiny plastic up}.
Your image should be on the right side now.

Cover the plastic with a cloth and iron.
Press down for 45-60 seconds in each spot.
Once the plastic is cool, carefully peel it back.
Iron as needed until all of the image remains stuck to your t-shirt.

That's it!
Now we are ready for the Foster Family Reunion!

These are some other shirts I have made using the heat transfer material.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!
There are so many fun designs you can create.
And it doesn't just stop with t-shirts!

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If you don't already have the machine, you can take advantage of these great deals.

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