Pstt...want to know a secret?

On Monday I will be announcing the details of my first ever Holy Craft sew along.

We will be making pillowcases for kids with cancer.
If you want a jump start, here is what you need:

7/8 yard main flannel fabric 
3/8 yard coordinating trim flannel fabric
1/8 yard coordinating trim flannel fabric

Come back on Monday to get the rest of the details!

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srpprcrftr said...

I have some flannel I bought for some project but then never made so I'll be ready to get started.
Just before one of grandson's turned 14 he was found to have stage 4 cancer all thru his body. He had testicular cancer which was removed right away. He also had 5 lbs. of tumors in his abdominal cavity which he was operated on to remove them in a 12 hour surgery. The cancerous tumors were hiding behind another organ, the surgeon found them just before he sewed him up. Thank God. He also had tumors twice removed in his neck.
We weren't allowed to see him the whole time he was being treated due to his Mother's attitude to us. This was so hurtful to him and us.
I want to help out as much as I'm able to. Can only imagine what it's like for children and their parents that have life threatening cancers.
I'm happy to say our grandson will be 20 in Nov. and he's been cancer free since he was 18. God is good.
I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of the how-to on Monday.
We get paid on Wed. (Ss) so I'll buy as much flannel as I can afford. God bless you for getting this started.

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