Infinity scarf will never guess what kind of fabric I used!

On Monday, I shared with you my latest thrift store experience.
One of the things I picked up at the Goodwill Outlet was a grey twin sheet made out of jersey material.

Today, I'm going to show you how I took this paid for by the pound sheet and turned it into this infinity scarf.

When you are at the Goodwill Outlet and searching in bins with hundreds of clothing items, sometimes your hands do the picking for you.  
I felt this soft grey fabric and thought it was a t-shirt.
I pulled it out and found that it was a twin sheet.
There were no holes in it, the seams were all in tact and the sheet was free from stains.
I immediately thought I would use it to make an infinity scarf.

I started by folding the sheet in half with the fold on the far left side of this picture.

I literally just bought a new scarf a few days prior and used that as my pattern.
**tip: making patterns is easy if you use an existing item that you like as your guide**

I laid the scarf out on my sheet.
I used my measuring tape {for my readers at home}
and cut the sheet in half at 32" wide.

Next, I went to the long end on the opposite side of the fold and cut the sheet down to 36".

There you have it
1 sheet makes 2 scarves

If you cut on the fold, you will only need to sew one seam.
You will be sewing the end closed that is on the opposite side of your fold.
I don't do anything fancy to finish the seam, though you could sew a french seam if you were feeling snazzy.

That's it!
A new infinity scarf you wouldn't believe came from a 50 cent twin sheet from the Goodwill Outlet!

Check back on Friday to see how I upcycled another of my Goodwill Outlet finds.

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Christine said...

Looks great! More fab that the cost breakdown is next to pennies :)

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