Anything but basic {but oh so easy!} turkey cranberry and swiss panini

We have a few more weeks to soak up every last bit of summer and then the long warm days are going to start to be filled with short crisp falls afternoons, homework and, oh yes, a return to the classroom.

I started substitute teaching last year in my kids school district and I love it.  But that means, not only am I packing the kids lunches, I am usually packing mine as well!  I do live fairly close to the school so some afternoons I come home, let the dog out and eat lunch in silence.  Regardless, I need to start thinking of some back to school lunch ideas for myself.

Not one to procrastinate, I wanted to start coming up with some yummy sandwich ideas that I could pack for lunch before life got overwhelmingly busy again!  I whipped up this anything but basic {but oh so easy!} turkey, cranberry and swiss panini.  I can make it in less than 5 minutes and either reheat it at school, or enjoy it warm and toasty straight from my panini maker at home.

You will need:

Turkey Breast
a handful of dried cranberries
lettuce {I picked mine fresh from the garden}
soft swiss cheese {I used three triangles}
roll or yummy bread

I'm pretty sure nothing says fall like turkey and cranberries mixed together.  It's probably my favorite combination!

I can't even start to tell you how big this roll is! It's massive, which is why I used three triangles of the spreadable swiss cheese {one spread on each side, and some nice chunks on the top of the roll to melt into some yummy goodness}.

Normal people could probably use far less cheese, especially if you were concerned with calories, but I'm not because turkey.  That's why. It's like it cancels out the calories in the cheese.

I smooshed all my yummy ingredients together, rubbed the top with some olive oil and put this guy into my panini maker when really, I just wanted to put it in my belly like right this second.

But I had self control and I am so glad that I did because warm sandwich that's what.

Look how delicious this guy looks with all that melted cheese and warm turkey and cranberries.  If your mouth isn't watering then you just aren't human.

I want to hear all about your favorite sandwich combinations, since sandwiches are a big hit around our house.  So spill it!  What do you put between your bread?

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