Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 74

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday, where I share with you my favorite garage sale finds from the week. 

This week, I got some pretty great authentic vintage items. I even got some pretty great deals on those vintage items too. 

When I have my daughter with me, she is always drawn to bed frames.  I think because she doesn't necessarily love her current day bed {though I don't know why}.  She did an audible gasp when she saw this bed frame and I really shouldn't have let her persuade me to buy it.

At first glance the bed is gorgeous.  It has beautiful detail.  But it needs fully restored.  I don't like full restoration projects.  They are just far too much work and are usually out of my ability level.  I guess you can't regret the purchase of a bed frame when it's only $10 though.

It's shocking how many Hawaiian souvenirs I can find when I'm not even in Hawaii.  I picked up this vintage wooden pineapple bowl for $1 and I love it!  I'm so happy there is a pineapple trend right now because pineapple is my favorite.

You guys!  This ampersand is the real deal. It's rusty and awesome and was only $5! This was by far my favorite purchase from the whole day!

I love old vintage chairs. In my day, I've actually even had a few of these exact chairs.  I bet you could look back on a past GSFF and find one.  This guy is solid oak and was $15.

The thing I love most about it is the metal underside. So very cool!

Those are the fabulous things I found this week.  What did you find?

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