Garage Sale Friday roundup of my best kept secrets! Edition 75

The summer is winding down, but our schedules seem to be amping up.  Especially on the weekends. We are doing our best to squeeze every last bit of fun out of our summer which means less time is being spent at garage sales. I've been traveling the last two weekends, which means no garage sale finds Friday from me.  I've bought zippo, nada, nothing the past few weeks but I'm dying to get back out to the sales for sure!

In the meantime, I thought I would revisit a few of my past garage sale tip posts {how to drive traffic to your garage sale, tips for the garage sale first timer, and how to negotiate the best deal} just in case you missed them.   

I've seen a lot of mistakes made this summer from people who have obviously not read my How to Drive Traffic to your garage sale post. People who try to write a full paragraph full of all of the goodies they have to offer and then put their address and not an arrow drive me batty! It's all about the arrow people! Head on over to that post to find out what else will drive traffic to your sale.  You might also chuckle at some people's hilarious signs.


I have people tell me all the time that they wish they could find the kinds of deals that I find at garage sales.  Most people who say that don't actually go to garage sales.  If you don't go, you can't find deals!  Here are eight of my best tips for the first time garage saler.

And finally, after you find the garage sale, peruse the wares, your final step in garage sale success is negotiating the best price.  I've gotten some pretty amazing deals. I share my best secrets on how to negotiate at a garage sale here.

So while I don't have any pictures of my favorite garage sale finds, these three posts should give you the information you need to finish strong this garage sale season.  I would love to hear if you have any tips I may have missed.  Happy shopping!

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