Pineapple Pencil Pouch Tutorial made with Duck Tape

Duct Tape Pineapple Pencil Pouch Tutorial

Duck Tape is by far my favorite back to school supply. I use it for everything! I update boring supplies I make one of a kind lunch bags and tote bags out of it, and I used it for making this fun pineapple pencil pouch for my daughter.

There are some great new prints and always fabulous solids out there. Duck Tape has the best selection!

I knew I wanted to make something pineapple themed with the pineapple tape because, hello, pineapples.

I started by making duck tape paper. You basically roll out your tape and then fold it on itself.  You connect the strips by overlapping them slightly on the top edge.

I used three strips to make the Duck Tape paper that would be big enough for my pineapple base.

I folded the paper in half {keeping the folded crease at the base for the bottom} and then cut around the edges making a pineapple shape.

I then took the coordinating yellow duck tape and attached two strips each to the top edges on both sides to make the top of the pineapple.

My husband walked in on me during this stage and thought I was making a bathing suit top!

At this point, the only part of your pouch that is attached is the base.  Anything you put inside will fall out. We need to fix that!

I took a piece of the pineapple tape and put it on the backside of the pineapple base. I made sure the length of tape was long enough and folded it on top of the tape creating a side seam.

I secured that side seam and then cut around the edge.  I didn't cut right up to the original edge, but gave it a 1/8" overlap so that the edge would close and be secure. I did this on both sides of the pineapple base.

For the top, I used the solid yellow and put tape overlapping on top of it horizontally. Then I cut out the pineapple top shape freehand.

Your pouch is complete! The edges are secure and you can slip in anything that you want.

I like using the pouch for pencils.

What would you use it for?

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