Mom approved snack at the beach

We have had one of the most gorgeous summers this year in the Seattle area. We are breaking heat records left and right and it's shocking how little rain we have had this year.

This is a huge shift from our normally very mild weather.  The folks in the Pacific Northwest like it best when it's overcast and in the 60's. Not me...I love the sun, but the sun brings the heat and since only around 1% of the homes in our area have air conditioning {ours not being one of them!}, we all escape to the water when it gets hot. Because when it gets hot, with no air conditioning it's sort of unbearable.

No one likes to be cranky, so we do our best to cool down. Sometimes that means a jump in the Puget Sound, other times that means snacking on a Fruttare® frozen fruit bar...or both!

We had some cousins visiting from California recently and had a fun beach day. Rides on the boat, little kids learning to water ski, big kids wake boarding, inner tubing, and salmon bakes.  It was a great day to spend time together.

All that boat time makes you hungry, so the kids happily munched on a pre-dinner snack of Black Cherry Fruttare® real frozen fruit bars and none of the adults minded their snack choice because duh, real fruit!

These girl cousins told lots of secrets, preformed lots of shows and shared lots of laughs!

These kiddos don't have a care in the world and their mamas don't have to worry either because their Fruttare ® fruit bars are made with great-tasting whole fruit that comes from places we know and trust.

The best part is that Fruttare ® currently sources sustainably farmed strawberries, coconuts, bananas and limes! That's good news for everybody!

 Kid tested yummy goodness! A great treat for the whole family!

 We love snacking on Fruttare ® at the beach with our cousins. Where do you like to snack?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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