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I think my generation may be one of the final generations to remember practicing their penmanship. I spent hours looping and curving and writing each letter or phrase over and over again, but with computers, handwriting and penmanship have sort of been set aside. If you read any historic documents or look at centuries old letters, you will immediately be struck at how beautiful the handwriting is. This appreciation for the art of lettering is probably why I'm drawn to brush lettering and script that is so popular right now. 

Brush lettering is such a fun thing to do when you are using your journaling Bible. Those pages are usually my favorite!

I'm no expert! I have taken a few classes {like this one} and like most things, I would probably be better at it with practice, but I just haven't taken the time, which is why when my new friend Olivia from Random Olive offered to create a free brush lettering page for my readers, I took her up on it in an instant! 

She told me I could create a word or phrase for my readers and this was really a no brainer for me. I knew I wanted something holiday focused and one of the lines I reflected on during the advent season last year was from my favorite Christmas song "O, Holy Night."  There is a line that says "and the soul felt its worth." Wow! That's powerful stuff!

Jesus' birth was long awaited and long anticipated. God made a promise and the people were waiting for the Savior of the world to come. There may have been times that the people even questioned Gods promise, they may have wondered if they were even truly worthy. 

So when Jesus came, their souls felt their worth. God sent his son because we are worth it. You and I are worth it. We are worth the risk, the pain, the rejection and the suffering so that we could receive the ultimate sacrifice that his Son made. It's my prayer for you that you always know you are worth it. So with that in mind, enjoy this free download.

o holy night, and the soul felt its worth

If you want to get even more practice, you can purchase this brush lettering practice guide. Olivia promises you will be a pro in just 45 days. I'm holding her to that! In the meantime, enjoy your free download and practice this wonderful phrase. 

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