Free Printable Coffee Sleeve for a Friend

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Nine. That's how many coffee shops I have located a stones throw away {or under a mile...I throw stones far!} from my home. My house isn't downtown, it's not in a high rise, it's located in a neighborhood in the suburbs of what might just be considered the coffee capital of the United States. Before I moved to the Seattle area, I never really drank coffee. I actually spent the majority of my three children's infancy and toddler-hood entirely uncaffinated. I'm actually wondering how I survived! Slowly friends started introducing me to coffee and it didn't take long before I fell in love. Coffee has become a daily habit that I enjoy. Most days I brew my own coffee, but sometimes it's nice to be able to take a walk to one of the local coffee shops in my area. Some of the coffee shops are more affordable than others, which is why I ended up at 7-Eleven this morning and I was surprised at what I found. I also think sharing coffee with your friends is one of life's best gifts. I have a free printable coffee sleeve that you can add to your coffee cup and gift it to a friend.

Free Printable Coffee Sleeve for a Friend

7-Eleven just introduced Nicaragua Matagalpa Single-Origin coffee.  Not only do you get a premium cup of coffee without the premium price {you can get a cup around $1!}, you are also getting a sustainable coffee with beans sourced from coffee-growers who are Rainforest Alliance Certified. This means that the coffee beans used to brew your coffee come from farms that meet the strict standards created to protect our environment. 

It doesn't only feel good to buy sustainable products, in this case, it also tastes good! 7-Eleven's new Nicaragua Matagalpa Single-Origin coffee is a full-bodied medium-dark roast with delicious dark chocolate aroma and rich, sweet notes of cocoa. You and your friends are sure to love it!  But don't take my word for it. Give it a try and print off this FREE coffee sleeve and gift a cup of Nicaragua Matagalpa Single-Origin coffee to a friend too!

Simply click on the link above and print the PDF on heavy cardstock or chip board paper. Once it's printed, cut it out with scissors. Roll your piece of paper pretending there is a cup inside, secure the end with the notch on the inside and overlap about an inch or an inch and a half. I used double stick tape to secure it.

Share a cup and enjoy this delicious new single-origin coffee. It not only tastes good, it feels good too!

Who do you like to share coffee with? 

disclaimer: this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 7-Eleven. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't share something with you if I didn't love it. Promise.


Dawn Renee ' said...

Cannot access this adorable coffee sleeve as google drive says do not have access :( Thank you!

rachelteodoro said...

Hey Dawn Renee! The sharing link was on but for whatever reason it doesn't like to share with people who aren't logged into their google accounts. I had to adjust a setting and we should be good to go for all now! Just a little hiccup but it's worked out. Thanks for reading along!

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