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Make Your Home Smart in Minutes

I love to save money however we can. We have a son in college and growing kids that shockingly, don't get cheaper each year. I'm always looking to make smarter choices that will save our family money. Extra bonus if saving money is convenient and includes an upgrade that makes our lives easier. I love finding simple money-saving solutions and more and more those simple solutions are controlled with one smart phone.  I "clip" coupons with a grocery app on my phone, I scroll through savings websites while I'm waiting in lines and I keep a stash of store rewards cards together virtually that end up saving me money with every purchase. Energy bills can get expensive, especially as the colder months of winter roll around so why not find a system that has technology that is so advanced that it will help our family maximize our energy savings and still stay comfortable. 

Wiser Air is the most highly intelligent Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat on the market!  It's available on,, the Microsoft Store, New Egg or My husband supervised, but installing the Wiser Air was easy enough that even my 11 year old son could do it! It only takes minutes to make your home a smart home that will work to save you money while still keeping the whole family comfortable.

In under an hour, our old thermostat was removed, the Wiser Air smart thermostat was installed and the Eco IQ™ self-learning app was working to learn our homes thermal profile.  Want to see how easy it was to install? 

Easy enough that an 11 year old could do it! Before you begin, make sure you turn off the power to your thermostat. Safety first! You should even check to make sure your power source is properly shut off with a voltmeter. My son started by taking off the existing thermostat. A few screws were removed and the wires were exposed behind. My husband took this as a learning experience to show him how electrical wires were bundled together. Once those wires were untangled, following the simple installation and setup guide helped give the detail that was needed to know what each color wire was responsible for.

Various colored wires were connected to the matching connections. This is all outlined in the installation guide. A few more screws hold the trim plate in place and then the touchscreen display is snapped into place.

Once the power was turned back on to the area, the installation wizard launched to guide us through the configuration and registration of the device. 

I was a little surprised when we created our account and we weren't asked once what our ideal temperature was. We set the Eco IQ™ self-learning and it finds the right temperature for us. It takes into account user-interaction, our homes thermal profile, humidity, outdoor weather and system run times. It even has a Wiser Pulse that will glow blue for cooling, yellow for heating and green when it's saving energy.

It's silly but my favorite feature is being able to see what the current weather is. Our thermostat is located right by our garage door, so it's nice to know if I need to grab a coat or an extra layer before I head out. 

With Wiser Air, it's easy to take control and make wise choices. You can purchase yours today!

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Debi Wayland said...

I'd love to get one of these smart thermostats. Thanks for the simple instructions. I see a Christmas present coming soon!

Tina Dawson said...

I have gotto get myself one of these! And the installation seems simple too! Thanks!

Allison Miller said...

Oh wow. I love this!! I need to get me one!

Sarah said...

This looks like such a cool gadget! Seeing the weather would be one of my favorite features, too, not silly!

Angela LeMoine said...

Oh wow!!! This is FANCY!! Going to have to how the hubby!

So TIPical Me said...

I like this thermostat. What I like most is that it looks sleek and simple to use. The one we have is confusing most of the time and becomes frustrating to adjust.

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

Yes, I totally need this! Would love it!

Meaghan Pantoni said...

This is awesome! And it looks so nice too. I can't wait to get my hands on one-- it just moved to the top of my Christmas Wish List.

Heather King said...

I need a WiFi thermostat! Going to check it out!

Mamal Diane said...

It's amazing how you can do almost anything from our smartphone. They make it so simple, thanks for the information.

Charbel Barker said...

I had never heard of this brand of smart thermostat, but now I really want one! Thanks for sharing :)

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